Sunday, June 24, 2012

SSS stands for Sleeping, Sweets & Stuff-all doesn't it?

So I asked people to nominate my blog for Mish's Ultimate Blog of The Century competition and you guys have been amazing with your obviously delusional fanfare. I've had a bit of a re-read of my previous posts & I've realised that if there was an award to biggest phoney I would probably win.
I had a bit of a read of some of the other blogs nominated & well... roll me in sprinkles & call me Julie..... did you know that most of the other people doing this 12wbt are ACTUALLY giving 100%!
They are following the plan to a T exercising like the billy-os and doing maniac stuff like running up & down shiteloads of stairs at Kangaroo Point.
Now THEY are inspirational... or insane... your call.
My biggest problem at the moment is I still wear the sash Miss Apathy 1956 (ok 2012).

Since starting Round Two 4 weeks ago I've had the black plague horror lergy and now am doing IVF.
The fabulous *sarcastic font* side effects of IVF are the constant feeling that you are going to hurl chunks, a feeling like your reproductive organs have jalapeno juice flooding through them, your tummy swells up like you've injested a water balloon full of hot water and you feel like somebody has slipped a date rape sleepy drug into your morning coffee. Crikey I simply cannot WAIT to experience pregnancy!!! (sarcastic font in upper case).
Last week I went to the gym on Mon Tues & Wed only. Each night I stepped out of the gym which backs onto the leagues club bistro and very nearly vomited up my Mount Franklin water. All I could smell was a mix of old cooking fat & bain-marie scrambled eggs.
Fast forward to the weekend when I had to introduce needle #2 which I suspect may be inseminating me with some sort of alien spawn.
I was going to go & do my SSS but I ran out of time because we were hosting a BBQ at The Pad (something that NEVER happens) and so I was running around like a blue-arsed fly cleaning my house. (There is nothing like having people over to get you off of your arse & finally clean the gecko poo off of the walls in the dunny).
"Tomorrow" I lamented "Tomorrow I will do the SSS".
At the BBQ I drank my Diet Saxby's Ginger Beer (still off the grog) but ate some sausages and had chips n dip. Treat meal anyone?

The next day the weather was icky icky icky and farrreeeezing. Overcast & drizzly. I awoke to the feeling that I was already in my first trimester of pregnancy & morning sickness had arrived. The thought of going to the gym made the bile rise in my guts.
So TBF & I literally stayed in bed all day watching "Dexter Season 6". I made the mistake of bringing into the bed a 10kg dish of leftover cashews from the BBQ which we mindlessly devoured while watching Dex stab his way through each episode.
Finally around 5pm I needed to stretch my legs which were starting to develop bed sores when there was a knock at the door. Our neighbour's daughter bought us a piece of mudcake the size of a computer harddrive. Some sort of animalistic fever overtook TBF & I and we tore into the cake like a pack of lions into a baby antelope.
Licking the red icing from our lips like blood we looked at eachother overcome with guilt & shame.

I want to say that I will make it up this week but I'm not sure if I will people. I still have 4 days of vommy injections & I 'll be in hospital on Friday for *cue the ominous music* THE HARVESTING.

I know Mish says JUST FREAKING DO IT take a teaspoon of cement & the harden the hell up but I'm sorry for the next Week I think I'll JDALBOI (Just do a little bit of it). I WILL stick to the food programe and I will do SOME exercise but not really really full on. My alien follicles don't like it when I exhurt myself too much.
I'm hoping that the incredible nauseau is a POSITIVE thing & it means that my little ovaries are reacting the way they should be. Dr says it's all good.
So I'm sorry if my blog isn't exactly a super motivational 12wbt blog but sometimes life (or trying to create life) gets in the way a bit.
In the words of George Michael ...



  1. At least your keeping it real! Good luck with the harvesting...that part sucks...don't be like me, take the morphine afterwards if they offer it. Heres hoping for lots of viable little eggs (but not so many you end up back in hospital with OHSS).

  2. It's a delight to read a 12wbt blog where the writer didn't burn 1200 calories this morning. Keep your chin up sista we are rooting for you.

  3. Hi I just stumbled across your blog while searching for JFDI picture for my blog :)
    Lovely to meet you - I have just sat eating my lunch (soup and toast) reading all the way back to the beginning of your last round. I feel like I know you ;)

    Also I agree with the last commenter, nice to see the 'real' people doing 12wbt. I had to leave the groups on FB as they were just awful and so damn bitchy...
    Keep up with your goals, but be easy on yourself, you are obviously going through a lot at the moment!
    Do what you can, and what will make you feel better about your journey. Small steps as they say.
    Best of luck

  4. Your blog is AWESOME! To be honest it makes me feel better knowing that not everyone out there is the perfect eater and exerciser (just like me!). That is honestly a better motivator than those who follow 100% even though I admire them, I do wonder how much truth there is to it. I love your blog because you are honest and HILARIOUS! And don't be so hard on yourself...I agree 'CHOOSE LIFE'! You are creating a life and to me that is more important than exercising 50 million calories a week. As Mish says, nutrition is much more important than the exercise! Do what you can, and keep on keeping on! Good luck with the IVF and look forward to the day we read that you have a little alien growing in your tummy :)

  5. Awwww thanks dudes. I really really appreciate the feed-back.

  6. You won!!! Congratulations :) Just got Michelle's email and I would have been so dissapointed if you didnt make the top 10.
    Keep it up - I LOVE your blog :)