Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Winners & Losers

CRIKEY! I'm one of the winners in the Nominate The Best Blog in the Whole Cosmos Comp!
Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who nominated me.
I will think of you everytime I sip on my cup 'o' tea from Tin Tonic and while sathering my face in Dermaviduals skin care products. I'm so excited!
Well sort of..................
I woke up this morning & it was as cold as a nude nun's nancy when I jumped on the scales.
86kg. Gain of 1.2kg.
Not surprising. I'm not too worried. Obviously my alien pods (follicles) must weigh 130g each.
Today my tummy looks somone has shoved a partly deflated netball down my pants.
Bloaty bloaty bloaty.

I will definately be back on the programme as far as the hardcore killer diller exercise goes for Round 6. I will be back when I am finished being used as a human pin cushion. I am still following the eating program though.
I'm off into hospital on Friday for THE HARVESTING. Bring orn the morphine baby!!!!
So for the next Week (week 5) I will be a bit sore & sorry (& walking a bit funny) and the doc has said that I should refrain from doing any strenuous activity.
Activities I deem as being strenuous:
Cleaning / Washing up
Making cups of Earl Grey
Reaching my bedside table for my latest issue of Frankie magazine.

I wanted the doc to give me a list in writing of things that will help assist to get a positive result with the IVF. eg: foot massages, stoking my hair, ducking to the video store to get me more movies to watch, neck massages, constant praise. Alas my doctor said no.. all I need is to take it easy.
I'm spewing that the weather is so crappy as I would LOVE to get out in the sun & go for a walk to get my ovulation juices flowing. Instead I am stuck in my meat freezer office with my fire hazard $5 bar heater from Aldi wrapped up in le faux fur.

As my obstetrician says "It's a big thing when you look into it".


  1. Congratulatons Ms V, well deserved tea and stuff!!
    And all the best for Friday, I shall be thinking of you and sending all my best fertility vibes your way. (Dunno how to do that - but it MUST be on Google.
    Seriously - take it easy, and think positive. Hope you will keep us informed of progress!!!
    Take Care,

  2. Woohoo, congrats Mz Vick. Awesome :)

  3. Congratulations!

    Sip and slather away!

    Best of luck for Friday :)

    xo Fiona

  4. Congratualtions on the win! What a great blog! And I find it even more interesting as I can relate to your IVF journey too! My husband and I will be starting round 2 next month. All the best! X

  5. I love this blog! You are obviously working really hard at the 12WBT - well done! You write really well! Don't do anything strenuous...relax! x

  6. Fantastic Blog!! I have just found you. Im drinking a smoothie reading this while my kids are watching ABC kids and trying to poke each other in the eye with a barbie doll foot. Thanks for the great read you are now in my favourites and I look forward to 'catching up with you' soon :)

  7. Thanks guys for your comments. I'm glad you enjoy my ramblings :)