Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We thought we might just have a 'quiet'night of a bit of Karaoke. Everywhere there are karoke places. You pay by the hour and you get your own karaoke room & unlimited alcohol.

We were shown to our room that had a big tv and a song book about the size of a yellow pages.
Well pretty soon I was chugging down the sake & Mick had a jug of beer.
We belted out everything from Foreigner to The Clash to Bonnie Tyler. Our hour went by very quickly & I begged Mick for one more hour.

Yep the sake was going down WAY to easily and the more I drank the better we sounded.

We stumbled out and went back to the ryokan. As soon as I lay down the sake kicked, punched & smacked me and I unfortunately had to vomit, luckily a bin was close by.

A great night but I don't think I will drink sake again.

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