Wednesday, August 19, 2009


After last nights sake blitz I woke up with a most AMAZING migraine ever! I popped about 4 Nurofen & couldn't get out of bed until about 2pm. Definately a lesson learnt the hard way.

Just the thought of drinking sake again makes me want to gag!

I manage to haul myself into a shower & Mick & I walk around the corner to the laundromat and clean our stinky sweaty clothes. Thank god because our room was starting to smell a bit wiffy.

We go back to our airconditioned room for a bit more of rest. Finally, I start to feel human again.

Mick managed to get a hold of his friend Parnia on facebook and it turns out she only works around the corner. We organise to meet her at The Hub which is an english style pub around the corner. It is kinda cool..sort of like the Brittania Inn in Brisbane.

Parnia eventually shows up but can only stay for a quick vodka shot (which I very politely decline). We agree to meet up for more time tomorrow for lunch.

Feeling human again, my hunger returns so we wander along to find some dinner.

I must admit I prefer Japan at night time. It is really mild temperature, instead of the awful heat during the day, the vibe of the place is happier at night (during the day people seem to be more serious) and plus all the lights add to the atmosphere at night.

We decide upon a little tiny ramen noodle place. We have pork ramen with a side of yummy yummy gyorsa. Mick convinced me to try a sour plum. It is bum-puckering sour and yucky. Feeling full and happy we stroll back to our room for sleep.

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