Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm not a Procrastinator. I'm just Extremely Productive at Unimportant Things

I'm just going to go ahead and say it...
Yep. It's true. I've been to 3 sewing classes now and am having the best time. I think it helps that the 3 other women doing the class with me are all nutty as fruit-cakes and funny as a fit and Brenda who teaches the class is also hilarious and brilliant. It's like we are in a sewing version of Steel Magnolias (I'm Dolly Parton's character obviously, however the others would probably say I'm more like Shirley Maclaine).
The classes are now at Brenda's house which when we all rock up with our machines looks like a sweat shop. I keep expecting Brenda to come at us with a piece of bamboo screeching "Faster Faster More blouses for Katies... More More!"
Instead, she uses her attack dog Obe to guard us. Last night he AGAIN attempted to intimidate me by staring unflinching at me with his menacing eyes.
OBE. Look at those threatening eyes.
Thankfully in week 3 the Evil Doll was hidden away in the bedroom. It was rather distracting in lesson 2 to have the stoney cold eyes of pure evil staring into the back of my head. I swear I heard her whisper "Kill them with the pinking shears Vicki and I'll be your friend to the end".

SO ANYWAYS................last week my assignment was to make a pair of boxer shorts. Woohooo!
I didn't do too bad until I sewed the crotch up wrong. I had a dodgy crotch! Bloody hell hand me the quick-unpick AGAIN.
I've got a case of the dodgy crotch

My AFTER photo! Not! Just pre-elastic shot LOL

Sexy pattern. Excuse me while I fetch my Ken Done fabric.
Then it was time for Brenda to teach me how to do ELASTIC WAISTS! So exciting!!!
I was so excited that I rushed home & pulled out my fabric container. (I have a massive storage container filled with fabric I've collected over the years.) I had this border-print fabric since Jesus played full-back for Jerusalem and now I knew how to make a skirt from it so the border would stay around the bottom!!! SQUEAL!!!

The finished product. RAD!

OMG. Now that I know how to make full skirts with elastic waists I'm going to go MENTAL making them in every colour and fabric.
Last night I had another class & showed Brenda my super fantastic creation.
I was advised that it is NOT a circle skirt but a full skirt but I could tell Brenda was very very impressed with my effort. I think I'm on my way to becoming the teacher's pet.
I had to finish off my boxer shorts by hemming the legs.
The finished product was a wee bit baggy & made me look like I was about 200kg but very very comfy and the point is that I made them myself! Hmmmpfft.
I gave the gals a fashion parade of me in my fabbo boxers which impressed them all to no end.
(Jan in the background is obviously laughing WITH me)
Right. First project done.. time for the next one.
Cutesy kitchen apron. So excited.
I'll just have two things to say........


  1. Oi, Vickklette,
    Yet again, I tried to leave an extremely smart, witty and goddam perfect comment, but the gods of blog deemed it not to be so. So, I shall try again - basically - it was all about how brill you are, how your hair is fecking awesome atm, how i have a stash of secret fabric which i sniff and fold (dont judge) and lots of shit like that. Then you go and put up an even better post about stuff and things, and lots of folks comment, which adds to my insecurity of inability to work out the internet cos I turned 50.....feck. ANyway, I think we were seperated at birth and stuff, and if you want to add me on faceache, I am, Claire Ramm, old person, and stalker.
    Hope this works or I will do harm to an electrical appliance............


  2. Ahhhh Vicki, absolutely awesome. I'll admit to loving knitting socks, so I'll flip you for what's the most shocking thing to admit! Ha. Your skirt is absolutely divine. Go you! There's nothing quite like being able to take the raw materials and end up with a finished product.


  3. Love the skirt!! How funny are pattern packets and the pictures/materials used. Ken Done indeed!

    The doll seriously does look evil!! :/