Friday, August 14, 2009

Relaxing Day at the Pub

Mick in the fox forest Andy & Wendy's garden

At around 1.00 we all headed to the local pub called "The Harvester"for a day-after lunch. We met up with a few of the guests that had been at the wedding.. some of the fellas had only had about 1 hour sleep.

We had a great lunch of burgers, chips & salad with a cold glass of ale.

Mick & I decided to walk back to the house and stopped off in the forest near the house to see if we could spot any foxes at we have seen around the area at night. Alas we did not.

The family then headed over to Dan's parents - Andy & Wendy's house for a quick visit & glass of champers. Very lovely english garden that Andy is very proud of.

We head back and Mick, me, Mick Snr, Marg, Mikey E, Jill, Bailey, Milly, Dex, Carlie, Tracey, Luke & Cog all managed to squeeze into the house for some take-away Chinese food for dinner.

The fried duck was sooooo good!
We crashed at about midnight. The sun doesn't set in England in summer until about 9pm, so it will feel like about 6pm and it'll actually be nearer to 9 o├žlock.

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