Monday, August 10, 2009

First day in England

Woke up feeling alot better and rested.
Spent the morning cleaning up Mel & Dan's house for their tenant inspection.
Jill dropped Mick and I at the local shopping centre. We went and had a traditional English lunch... Maccas. The deep fried mozzarella sticks with salsa were yummy.

Walking around the shops we felt like we had stepped into an episode of Little Britain. So many young girls with huge boobs usually pushing a pram & sucking on a durry. Needless to say we felt like we were at Kippa-Ring shopping centre again.

We went into a pet shop and they had bunnies & hamsters & gerbils! Mick managed to convince the shop lady to let me hold a bunny for a photo. So soft! I'm not sure how impressed the lady was when Mick made comment that you are only allowed to shoot them in Australia!

In the square we found a poster that Kevin Bloody Wilson is touring. Grouse.

Mick tells Vicki that buying magazines anywhere in the world is a waste of money. Vicki buys them anyway and complains later that they were a waste of money.

Mick found a barber and got his hair cut all noice & purdy for the wedding. Lookin sharp Big Fella.

Cab back to the house. I polish off a bottle of Rose and lapse into a coma at about 6.30!

Mick is soon to follow.

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