Monday, February 20, 2012

I've figured out an alternative to giving up my beer. Basically, we become a family of traveling acrobats.-Homer Simpson

Sunday saw TBF & I head up the mountain (Tamborine Mountain) to attend the Garterbelts and Gasoline Soap Box Derby meet. While the lads stood around in the heat & blistering sun talking about pistons & steering wheels, we fair haired maidens quickly bustled ourselves into the shade of the bistro area.
Now Sunday is the 12wbt exercise rest day. Thank goodness. I could feel my buttocks expand as they untensed themselves and relaxed onto the seat knowing that for one day they would not be put through gruelling torture. Sweet!
Problemo number one: I was fangin' for a skinny flat white & was abruptly told by the cashier that they only have full-cream. "Well I'll just have to do 5 spins classes this arvo har har har" was met with clanging silence and the sound of chirping crickets.
"Fine. Fullcream it is" I muttered. "Probably bloody 500 calories mutter mutter grumble grumble". But dammit I had to have coffee!!!
Problemo number two: This was to be my first "EATING OUT" situation on the 12wbt.
My lunch was supposed to be a home-made steak sandwich with a piece of steak cut wafer thin (said with French accent) on 2 pieces of super fibre bread so you can be assured that within 5 hours it would be flushed away anyway.
I perused the menu. Chicken Caeser? Mega Bowl of Fries with Aioli?
The Wagu Beef Burger certainly SOUNDED alot like my steak sandwich.
When I got it I did something that just proves that I am a changed woman. That I have super human willpower. I took ALL the delicious smelling drool-worthy fries off my plate & dumped that pile of atheroscleriosis onto TBF's plate and ALSO removed the bacon (dear sweat salty bacon) off my burger and plopped it onto the fries.
I thought "If I squish this down really hard with the palm of my hand it will be flat & be JUST LIKE what I am supposed to eat!". However, I sensed my friend's eyes on me & left it as is.

Problemo Number Three:  BEER. It was a hot day. Humid. Sticky. Yucky. Flies everywhere. Steamy. Blerky HOT. Sweaty. (I HATE sweating)
We were at A BREWERY! A BREWERY PEOPLE! For the love of God!
All around us were people sipping on icey icey cold glasses of cool cool beer.
One of TBF's eyes started to turn in & I had developed a tick over my eye as I watched our friend sip at his lager and after each sip let out a statisfied "Arrrrrrrrr".
'RIGHT' I exclaimed "THAT'S IT!"
We compromised and got a $10 taster. You get 4 different beers to try. Each about the equivalent of about 1/4 of a pot of beer. Like we were savouring the nector of the Gods themselves we sipped that liquid gold shuddering with delight at every taste. Droooool. MMmmmm Beeerrrr.

It was worth it.
I think I did pretty bloody good. I didn't even have sorbet while everyone else did. I'm a freakin' saint.
Later that afternoon I thought about going for a walk ...........anyway.......
I thought about it.
Then I thought "Bugger that". Mish has INSTRUCTED me NOT to exercise today.
I can't let her down.

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  1. :O Baby I'm SO proud of you!! You sound like you are working SO hard and giving up all that temptation when you were surrounded by it? BRAVO! That is the hardest thing. Having all that stuff actually there, within reach and saying no. Good girl!! I hope you feel great for being so disciplined :) xoxox