Sunday, February 19, 2012

SSS (Sweat, Swearing, Suffering)

Friday afternoon I did something bizarre. Instead of my usual stop at my second boyfriend's place (Dan Murphy's) I went & did my Week Two food shopping. Then I went home & did my Core Strength exercises. It's official. I have no core. I am coreless. The core nazi said "NO CORE FOR YOU".
I'm surprised that I can remain vertical at all without going limp like half deflated creepy air dancer thing.
The side planks were a joke. I'm sure that over the next 12 weeks I will get stronger.
Saturday was what Mish calls the SSS. The Sixty Second Screamer.
Basically the you do a circuit (3 times) of a mix of cardio & resistance training with the object being that you burn 1000 calories!!!!
Off I skipped to the gym. "This is gunna be brilliant!" I foolishly thought.
Doing the full circuit 3 times took me 1 1/2 hours. At around the 45 minute mark I thought I was going to spew and was thanking the lawd that there was only about 4 other people in the gym because I was starting to speak in tounges. At 1 hour I cursed Mz Bridges & decided that the SSS should actually stand for Sweat, Swearing & Suffering. At one point a man came up to be when I was doing the worst exercise I have EVER experienced... even worse than spin.... BURPEES. They suck arse.... Anyway this bloke came up & said "Are you OK? You're working bloody hard!". I wiped the drool from my chin & muttered something like " Fgiingnsoog fuckin hot woduhla SSS Thanks". I took a glimpse of myself in the gym mirror.
I was as red as a lobster, my hair was plastered to my head, my mascara had run down my cheeks & I had that weird vibraty shaky thing happening in my muscles. I could have been the poster child for the next George Romero zombie flick.
After 1 1/2 hours I blustered "THANK GOD!" & collapsed onto the stretching mats huffing & panting.
Surely I must have burnt at least 50 billion calories!!
I brought my shaky wrist up to my eyes & tried to focus on the the heart rate/calorie monitor.

755 calories.
755 calories
What the hell!?
It was at that point the Amy the super human PT bounded up to me. "If you want to get up to 1000 feel free to join me in the Spin room where a group of us a training to ride to the Netherlands and back in a day".
 (or something like that).
I think that the look on my face must have spoken volumes because I didn't speak and she quickly backed away mumbling "Maybe not then........."
In the car I blasted the freezing aircon into my head that felt like it was going to explode from heat like that guy in Scanners. The cold shower when I got home was heaven!
It took until the next morning for the redness to leave my face.
HOWEVER after my shower... I felt great. The endolphins came out to play.

I then set about baking this week's Banana Bread. Now TBF don't have an oven. We have one of those little bench top things that can fit one small meat pie so this was going to be interesting.
Funnily enough they turned out bloody great. I'm not sure why the recipe called for me to make enough Banana Bread to feed 2 families when I only need 3 slices for my week though????
I did devour one piece still warm from the oven & it was fantastic!
I cooked up my Saturday night "Treat Meal" (every Sat night you can eat whatever you want.. I don't think it means a Family Size Meat Lovers with extra Cheesy Crust though BUGGER).
I did lean mince with Organic Tomato Pasta sauce on Organic Corn Chips with a bit of low-fat cheese.
Then I went to bed & lapsed into a exercise induced coma.

I did NOT photoshop the redness. It had actually gone DOWN a bit when I took this!!


  1. Wow - that's even way redder than me after a running session! Good on you for pushing yourself so much. You're doing well so far for sure. Oh and in the 90s i had an *actual* boyfriend called Dan Murphy!

  2. Yep, that's red! I think it would have burnt 245 calories to get your blood moving away from the skin surface. I'm sure.

  3. Oh Ms Vicki - I'm sure you dont remember me, but we "met" a while back in another unsuccessful (for me) weightloss place.... and you have gotten so much funnier!! And here we are busting our capacious parts in the 12 WBT. My "name" then(I think) and now is foxspaws. I love your comments and truly, I think we were seperated at birth. On this journey, as before, Uncle Dan Murphy is my biggest obstacle, combined with the redness, which I am not game to show and applaud your bravery!! On Saturday I truly did vomit slightly in the gob - and only 612 calories burnt---WTF I said loudly and to everyone!! Curse Michelle Bridges, I got out an old Barbie daoll and stuck pins in it. Back on track today, and thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts.

  4. thank god, ur adventures put a smile on my dial every time, BTW, that truly is a magnificent shade of RED!!

  5. lol i call 'endorphins' endolphins too!!