Thursday, February 16, 2012

Don't worry. Wonder Woman was an Amazon. And Amazons tend to be very beefy gals.-Sheldon Cooper

Yesterday was not a good day. Only Day 4 and I had some mega cranky pants on.
Why? HUNGER that's why. I've gone from eating enough food to feed the entire Broncos footy team to eating what seems like the equivalent of what a jockey training for melbourne cup eats.
The 12wbt has you on 1200 calories a day.
Now obviously this is what a normal gal should be eating a day. Don't get me wrong my previous diet was filled with uber healthy food. Mainly organic & fat sugar free. Very rarely do I eat nasty take-away shite.
It's just that my quantity sizes were huge.
I have a medical condition called "hollowlegitis". An unfortunate afflication which allows me to eat vast quanties of food without feeling full. Obviously over the years my inner guts have stretched out and expanded like a water balloon filled up and so now when I am eating smaller meals there is all this empty space.
Like putting a golf ball in one of those underground caves. Hello-o-o-o-o-oooo *echoes*
I am sure that over time my stomach innards will shrink down so I won't feel so empty.
Yesterday afternoon (even after eating my snacks) I was raveonously hungry. So hungry I felt ill.... and cranky.. very very cranky. I could have eaten the arse out of a low flying duck!
"You can't go & do an hour of exercise like this" I snapped at myself in the rear view mirror.
"Shut up ya bum-ache!" I snapped angrily back at my reflection.
Groucherly I stomped into the local IGA glowering at anyone who dared look my way.
I grabbed a box of the Quakers brand muslie bars (25% LESS FAT!!!) and stamped to the check-out.
The intense feelings of hunger took over my rational brain & before I knew it I had also bought a Cadbury Creme Egg. I got to the car & tore into the egg like one of my staffies tearing into my bath towels. Then I ate not one but two of the muslie bars.
"Get stuffed" I sneered at myself in the mirror when I looked at myself with a mixture of pity & contempt.
I quickly sped off to the gym and did my weights workout.
Afterwards I felt really really good (incredible) & my mood had definately improved.
When Amy the PT who takes the spin class came up & asked how I was going I was practically chipper!
I told her about my extreme hunger & she gave me some tips. Basically she recommended that I snack on PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN. She is totally my idol. I would love to have her body.
Not in the nudge nudge wink wink have her body but in the I would like to remove her head & put mine in it's place way. (ok that is kind of weird and a bit Dexterish). She is totally FIT looking. Not muscley just buff. She is in training to do an 80km run. 80 FRIGGIN KILMETRES. What kind of person does that?!
She might be hawt but she's obviously cuckoo.I get exhausted just driving 80 kilometres!!!
Today I am feeling pretty good & excited about starting Week 2. I've printed out my eating plan & shopping list. I feel in control.
I'm a wee bit nervous about the weekend and keeping on track though. I must focus.
I'm back on track though so it's onwards & upwards . I'm so like totally in the zone... like totally.


  1. I have been feeling a bit the same - doing really well but super hungry. Then yesterday I had to go to a work dinner. Ate half the bread roll, then half the salmon...then the hunger beast took over and I ate the whole piece of salmon and half the dessert. Whoops!

  2. Good on on you for pushing through the crankiness. Hunger does suck. As a vego, i find that i have more limited options for protein snacking, which is hard. And yeah that 80 km run fills me with horror! Great that you have someone like that fr inspiration.

  3. Go you good thing! It's so hard when you're cranky and hungry...even harder than normal to be disciplined. I've recently heard this phenomenon referred to as 'hangry' angry because your hungry hehe Twas a small slip and you shouldn't beat yourself up over it just congratulate yourself for getting back on track. Nuts, grilled or poached chicken and lil tins of tuna are great high protein snacks. It's amazing how full protein-rich food can make you feel!!

  4. oh Vicki, you write so well...and make me laugh (hawt but crazy)...I remember the first time in MANY years where I actually felt hunger pains (I over eat) actually frightened me...I felt a real panic feeling like I was in danger or something...I quickly drank some water to get something into my stomach, but it wasn't a nice feeling...I also get crazy moody if I haven't eaten (or if I've eaten poorly) and my hubby knows to ignore anything irrational I might say and to quickly get me some food *nervous admission there*...oh dear! Keep it up, you are amazing! I am inspired reading your journey.

  5. HAHAHAHHA 'HANGRY' I'm totally using that expression in the future!

  6. I have a whole new love of chickpeas as a pure protein source (as a vegan) and find I am probably eating more protein now than I did when I ate meat! Oh, and STILL losing weight. Based on the research I have been doing of late, I dont recommend high protein intake though - moderation is key. Those diets out there (like Atkins) are pure craziness. Eat like that and you'll end up with problems. Dont eat processed, eat as close to the source as possible etc etc. Oh, and watch out for low fat stuff. They tend to bump up the sugars, so they end up higher calorie.

  7. Does water fill you up? Someone told me something once that really helped at the time, that gnawing feeling of hunger you get after dinner at like 9.30 at night...that feeling is your body burning up the fat, so don't feed it. I got to really like that feeling & was proud of my clever was my mind that was the problem. Also & this sounds possibly stinky, but my yoga teacher carries boiled eggs about with her for moments of extreme hunger, she swears by it anyway & she is disgustingly fit & trim. xx

  8. BAZINGA ja ja Don't worry. Wonder Woman was an Amazon. And Amazons tend to be very beefy girls.-but they are not bloonde so put on your wig hello??