Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I bent my wookie - Ralph Wiggum:

Today is the first weigh in day.
I did as Mish (that's what us 12wbt peeps called Michelle..no you can't call her that) said.
I got up did wee-wees, stripped off my Peter Alexanders & stepped gingerly onto my WW digital scales. 89.4kg!!! I admit that I did a little highland jig around my spare room in the nuddy.
Twas quite a sight to behold. I'm already below the 90 line. Sweet-as MAAATE!
That is a loss of 800g which is 3.2 blocks of Western Star butter (Mmmmmm butter *slaps own face*)
Yesterday I did my weights session at the gym. I must have looked as out of place as a sloth in a cornfield as some super fit young lassy approached me & asked if I needed any help. I had been looking at the hamstring curl machine as if it were some kind of medieval torture device. I wasn't so sure how to strap myself into it.
Fit gal instructed me how to adjust all the cogs & pulleys etc. Bless her I think she was thinking "Awww the poor ole tart don't even know 'ow to use the stuff".
I did pretty good on most of the machines & even found some of them pretty easy.
The chest pully thing & the hamstring one were the hardest.
My quads are feeling slightly ouchy today but not too bad.
Tonight I am doing SPIN class. This is the bike riding class that makes you feel like you are going to spew all over yourself while your legs feel like they are being torn apart by a shredder & your lungs burn like molten.
Fun fun fun & more fun. However, the super human gal who takes the class is awesome & plays really excellent rockin' music like Aerosmith, Metallica & Dr Hook. I find that music is the cincher with me.
If I have totally rad music than it makes my work-out easier.
After a spin class my legs feel like jelly & I walk like I've been out on the Jagermeister all night BUT I FEEL AMAZING. Sure it takes about 5 hours for the redness to leave my face but those mythical endolphins ( I know it's endorphins but endolphins sounds better) leave me buzzing. Crazy!
Hopefully my loss of 800g will be a continuing trend.


  1. You crack me up...and my abs are already sore...ouch...ha ha ha.

    -800g. Good one *insert thumbs up here*

  2. Good work Mz Vicki!! I don't generally wiegh myself, I gauge if/when I need to lose weight by appearance. Naughty I know! So I weighed myself the other day - shock horror! Alas it was worse then I feared! I thought I would only need to lose 5kg but it turns out I actually need to lose 10kg. Poo bum. Oh well, once I lose the first 5 it's only another 5 after that. WE CAN DO IT! Yeah I had my Rosie headscarf and dungarees on then could ya tell?

  3. Good job getting under the elusive 90!! I'm still trying!
    And I hear you re the face redness!! 5 hrs plus for me too, is very embarassing.

  4. Luv reading your journey. I feel that i am getting all inspired, shit i may even do a RPM class now, wish the music was better at ours, oh but hey, i wouldnt know, i have never been, i think i feel a promise coming on and its all because of you, xxxxxxxxx

  5. Well done, what an excellent start. I must confess you have not won me over with the sound of those spin classes - it sounds awful! Well done for keeping at something so uncomfortable.