Sunday, February 12, 2012

And so it begins.....

As part of the lead up to DAY ONE you have to complete some fitness tests to determine if you are a Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or A Freak With Super-Human Powers.
How many push-ups (on my knees) can I do in 1 minute? - Ummmm 13
How long can I sit up against a wall squatting down? - Ummmmm about 36 seconds
Can I do a sit up with my hands behind my head? - Ummmmm no I cannot.
How long does it take for me to run/walk 1km? - 7 minutes & 20 seconds.
I think there needs to be another level. One BEFORE Beginner.
Seriously people I'm surprised I can make it up the front steps of my house!
Path-et-ic. One day though I will look like one of those chicks in those Lorna Jane posters or one of the sexy gals in the Lonsdale posters.. looking all fit-as & pouty.
Saturday I had my version of The Last Supper. MOS Burger.
If you've never had MOS Burger you are missin' out. It is a Japanese burger chain. Kinda like Maccas but WAYYYYYY nicer. It's at Sunnybank Plaza.
Saturday night we had dinner at the in-laws & I proudly advised everybody of my 12wbt challenge & asked them to help me by not offering me delicious home-cooked chocolate cake and bickies. They, of course, are behind me 100%. However, I was still in Last Supper mode & 'just had' to have a final rum ball & lemon slice with my coffee. The MIL is a fantastic cook, baker, creator of gastronomic treats BUT she is also very much into healthy food & lifestyle. I was very proud of myself as I didn't have ANY alcohol and stuck with coffee & water.
On Sunday I hit the Redcliffe markets with 12wBT shopping list gripped tightly in my little puddin' hand.
Organic chook breasts & rump steak for din-dins. I couldn't find tuna steaks even at the fish mart so I got swordfish steaks. I hope this will be ok.
Next stop Woolies. Wherever possible I try to do Organic and I was practically skipping down the aisles with excitement about my brand new eating programme.
When I got home I divvied it all up & spent the rest of the arvo doing housework & day dreaming about just how HAWT I am going to look at the end of it all. I took out one of my rayon blouses & whispered to it "Soon my lovely soon".
I awoke this morning a bit excited. I've gotta say brekkie of fruit on toast was one for the books.
Definately not something that I would normally eat for breakfast. I am normally a big fan of eggs on toast.
It was quiet yummy though and looked quite fancy-schamsy.

My turkey wrap lunch was yummy but it is now 2.15pm & I am starving so I think I might have some Ryvitas with cheese.
So far so good. I'm off to the gym this arvo & am kind of dreading the X-Trainer torture machine.
And I bloody forgot my iphone/ipod & I HATE exercising without music!
I'm sure I'll survive.

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