Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Ryokan Accomodation in Tokyo

Our ryokan is a tradional Japanese Inn located in central Takadanobaba. It was really really close to the the train station, shops & restaurants.
You have to leave your shoes in the front foyer and put on the slippers provided. You were not allowed to wear shoes in your room. Our room was more of a western style room (see pic below) but had a roll-out futon. It was a bit hard on the back and hips but not too bad. Our room had an awesome airconditioning system which made the room like a meat locker which was just bliss after being outside in the searing heat. It had a communal bathroom & toilet. The toilet has a remote control with settings for a bum & girlie bits washer. I only tried this out once and discovered that having a burst of hot water shooting up my bum is not all that pleasant.
The lady who runs the ryokan told us that is her family home and was the house she was born & raised in. Her husband we think may be Canadian. On the night before we were due to leave he knocked on our door at MIDNIGHT to remind us to pay him the next day. I was also initially excited to hear that there were two resident cats called Arnie & Luna.
Arnie & Luna were about 30 years old and super mangy looking and not happy cats. They also had lopped tails which seems to be the thing with cats over here.
We were lucky that we were just up the road from Starbucks.

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