Thursday, August 20, 2009


After what felt like FOREVER we finally found Kiddyland. It is a toy shop that is 6 levels of the cutest, weirdest, amazing (I seem to be using these adjectives alot) toys & dolls & knick knacks, stationary, stickers.

TOTAL KAWAII OVERLOAD!!!! I wanted to buy everything! I cant' begin to describe the toys.
It was almost too much.. sensory overload. Plus the crowds started to get to us.

We made our way back to the train station in the incredible heat and humidity. I seriously thought at one stage that I might pass out from the heat. We popped into Maccas for some lunch but it was too packed to sit so we found a place in the shade.

Back at the room we cranked the air con. I crashed and Mick went & met up with Parnia & her man for a quick beer and catch up while I cooled down.

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