Sunday, August 16, 2009


We got up at 5.30 am very very bleary eyed. At 6.30 Mick Snr drove us the hour drive to Heathrow airport. We were very grateful as we were a bit nervous about getting the train.
After checking in our luggage we though we might have some breakfast, so we picked a random cafe. The "New York"breakfast came with :
a bagel about the size of the top of a coca-cola can, a small bowl of duck pate with what looked like a thick layer of duck lard on top, 2 of the tinest mooshy banana muffins and a poached egg with the most foul hollandaise sauce that tasted like the chef had tipped a whole bottle of vinegar. We know that we should have sent it back but we were just SO tired to bother. The coffee was good though. Mick won't tell me how much it cost and I don't want to know.
At 10.20 we board Finnair for our 9 and a half hour flight to Tokyo.

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