Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Mick and I caught the train to Akihabara which is the part of town that is filled with the latest electronics, mobiles phones, computers, etc. Imagine combining Dick Smith, Clive Peters & Harvey Norman & multiple it by about one million.
When we got there the shops were still closed so we hit Maccas for some breakfast. I ordered what I thought was a boring ole bacon & egg muffin. When I got it , instead of muffin it was like a thick pikelet & had meat pattie, bacon, egg & MAPLE SYRUP. Weird... but very tasty.

When the shops opened we explored the shops & Mick was practically having coniptions about the earphones & mobiles. I was on the look-out for one of those massage chairs to ease my aching legs.
We then found a stand that you put in about 300Y and it takes your photo that it prints out and you put on a little mobile phone charm that you buy. I got a bunny & Mick got a little man.
We then found an awesome toy store called "Kotobukiya" Oh my God it had the most fantastic toys and the strangest toys. I wanted to buy everything! Strange things included a moneybox that is a face (see pic). It is really really creepy. You put the coin into it's mouth & it chews up the money & swallows it. Another is what we think may be a tv show about 2 cartoon rabbits that are in jail with a frog that does a dancing poo.?????
After walking for miles my legs and feet were about to fall off so we headed back to the ryokan for a rest... Then it was time to go out for dinner.

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