Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The eyes are the nipples of the face. - "House Bunny"

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not camera shy.

I'm not vain.... I just think it's fun having my pic taken. 
When I was growing up we had a camera but it was only really ever used on special occasions and even then sparingly because film was expensive back in Oakey in the Seventies.  Then, when you HAD used up the film, you had to drive into Toowoomba & take it into Piggots store where they would send it off & about a month later you would get your photos back.

I LOVE today's digital age where everybody has a camera with them all the time on their smart phone. I LOVE instagram and I seriously do love looking at everybody's pictures of their food, selfies, their cat sleeping and their feet.

So when my friend Donna (Bubba Beanz Photography / Donna Rushton Studios) asked if I would like to be part of a photo shoot I screamed "Hells Yeah Baby!" and fist pumped the air like crazy.
Donna is normally a child/baby photographer & so she was well prepared to work with a playful, immature woman/child like me.
Luckily for her I didn't even chuck any tanties. (even after the 500th time she made me ride my bike up & down the hill)

Donna wanted to capture the theme of  FUN and well roll me in garlic & call me stinky if she didn't come to the right gal for that! We had a freakin' ball!
It was a great excuse for me to finally drag Red Betty bike out of hibernation and fling my legs out like a lark.
Thanks Donna for making me look good and fun without coming off looking TOO deranged. LOL


PHOTO:  Bubba Beanz Photography/Donna Rushton Studios


  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous photos!! (Even if it does make me look like I'm just copying the person above me ;))