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Before it all went pear-shaped in Stickyville TBF & I went to our super mega awesome annual event..
This year there was none of that namby pambying around... we went the whole hog & got the WHOLE WEEKEND PASS.
Yep Friday night, Saturday, Saturday night AND (inhale) Sunday (exhale).
If you have been living in a cave in the hills of Nimbin you may not have heard of Greazefest.
Well, it is only a massive weekend of craploads of bullshit awesome rockabilly bands, incredible jaw-dropping cars, market stalls of all sorts of retro (kinda) inspired things & stuff, fashion parades featuring models so gorgeous you start foaming like a ferret with rabies AND a whole bunch of crazy cool peeps both new & old.
For more info check out the web page:

While the whole 'retro' repro pin-up victory roll thang isn't MY cup of Earl Grey and frankly some of the outfits leave me scratching my head as to where they got their inspiration from & what 'look' they were going for, I love Greazefest for two things.

I am there to catch up with friends, to meet new friends & to listen to the best rockabilly bands in Australia. Greazefest isn't a VINTAGE event. It is a music event with other stuff.
The stalls aren't my bag so guess what??? I don't go there. I'm not really into the cars so I don't look at them.
If you don't like something then only focus on what you DO like. (sorry about the rant but some negative people out there give me the shits)

The Stunning & super talented Elisse

Getting my hair done by the exquisite beautiful Elisse of The Beauty Case on the Friday night. I had a vision of me looking IDENTICAL to the character Joan Holloway on Mad Men. So more of an early 1960s vibe.  OMG MY HAIR WAS FAB-U-LOUS!!!!!!
I look EXACTLY the same as Christine Hedricks (except for her figure, eye colour and height)

The Divine Billie

SATURDAY HIGHLIGHT : MODELLING Freddies of Pinewood for Western Wac
ERMEGHERD I was so flattered to be asked to model for the Vendors Fashion Parade.
I am a HUGE fan of the brand Freddies of Pinewood AND I lurve the shop Western Wac so it was my honour.  We decided (ok I kind of insisted) that I be a tough biker chick.
I was more of a giggly silly biker but I still had heaps of fun. They almost had to drag me off the stage! You can find the Western Wac shop in the Wooloongabba Antique Centre.
(Thank you to Say Cheesecake Photography for snapping these awesome pics )

I love love love The Paladins from the USA. They are a sort of rockabilly/blues band. I saw them 500 million years ago at The Waterloo Hotel.  They were still brilliant.
My outfit for the Saturday night was inspired by a wagon-load of vintage western gals like Dale Evans, Patsy Cline & Sally Starr. I totally ADORE vintage western wear & as soon as I saw that Western Wac had a Rockmount  Ranch Wear tasselled red cowdie shirt I just HAD to have it.
Then I busted out the ole Brother 2000 machine & whipped myself up a matching skirt.
(ok I didn't just WHIP it up... it was a nightmare... but I got there in the end)
Another of my man crushes Mitch

I LOVE TBF's photobomb in this!
I got to meet the simply beautiful Emma who reads this blog!
By Sunday I was super knackered & frankly couldn't be stuffed getting all gussied up & so I went for a casual look.  We quickly snavelled a table & made that our home base for the day.
What a day! Chatting chatting chatting. laughing laughing laughing. groping groping. hugging hugging. talking talking. yawning yawning.
It was so brilliant to catch up with a heap of friends I haven't seen in ages but also to meet new exciting funny people that by the end of the day I felt like I had known for ever.

Thank GOODNESS TBF & I had the common sense this year to take the Monday off work.
My throat was so sore from so much talking and we were SOOOOOO tired!
And what better way to round off with a super yummo feast at Guzman Y Gomez in The Valley where we gorged ourselves senseless on burritos & nachos!
Thank you so much to Lori Lee of Robot Productions and her amazing staff of volunteers for putting on the best rockabilly music event EVER!
We can't WAIT for next year !!!!

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