Monday, July 22, 2013

The First few weeks of Weight Watchers, you're just finding your Feet - Jimmy Carr

On Sunday TBF & I were up at sparrows to get down to the Jetty2Jetty fun run at Woody Point.
We were there bright n early to help my sister in-law & her hubby set up their tent.
They run On The Pulse Physio at Margate. I'm not being biased but they are totally awesome.
We arrived at 6.15am and holy bloody stone the crows sweet Fanny Albright it was freeeeeezing.
It didn't take long to warm up though & pretty soon the area was pulsating with the adrenaline of thousands of runners, the smell of deep heat & B.O and the annoying doof-doof beats of Ministry of Sound Running Trax.

At long last it was time for me to step up & do the 5km.  Most of the WW crew were doing the 10km (those fit motivated buggers) so I started off with the in-laws. I told them that because I was walking it that they should go on without me & at the blast of the horn they were off like a rocket.
The Jetty2Jetty course is lovely. It goes along the Redcliffe foreshore and the weather was glorious!

I brisk walked the first 500 metres and then suddenly I was filled with a very strange feeling.
"What the heck?!" I pondered "OMG are my ovaries might be going to burst or maybe I am going to have diarrhea and poo everywhere!!!"
Then I realised what this foreign sensation was.....
I WANTED to jog?
I wanted to JOG!!
Well cover me in hundreds & thousands and call me pretty!
So off I went. "I'll just jog a little bit. I don't want to overheat my loins"
Strangely I found that I could actually jog for about 5 minutes without a break.
So I jogged/walked humming "Deceptacon by Le Tigre" as I smiled to myself in the warm sun.
As I crossed the finish line I realised that I WANTED TO KEEP GOING!!!???
If I wasn't 'with follicles' I feel that I could have done the 10km.
I was no where near as stuffed as previous runs that I've done.
Oh I was bright red but I turn bright red even after a particularly energetic egg whisking at breakfast.

It was a great day. The only bugger was that I had ordered Weight Matters Team T-shirts from Zazzle and even though it says delivery in 5-12 business days I am STILL fucking waiting. Of course, they don't have a phone number you can ring only a Customer Enquiry Email Form. I finally received a response from them. Partly saying:

Unfortunately, we don't have any more information regarding your shipment at this time. International deliveries are handled by a minimum of two different shipping services, and it is impossible to trace their exact whereabouts in transit. In rare cases, we have seen international packages take as many as six full weeks to reach their destination. It may seem like a long time to wait, but we are required to give the courier a substantial amount of time before we can pursue the matter as a lost international shipment.

Thankfully, the people who ordered a shirts from me were very understanding. Me??....Not happy Jan. F
reaking typical that I try to do something nice and create a TEAM and it goes arse up. *pouts*
At least me managed to get some group pics of the gang before the race.

I ended up finishing the race in 45.09 minutes which I'm pretty happy with. I thought it would take me over an hour.

I had my second internal scan yesterday & it turns out my follicles have multiplied and I now have EIGHT eggs. Dr Smith says that my uterus is looking nice & plump and the eggs look good.


He asked if I had any cramping and when I answered Yes a bit he responded Gooood Goooood.
(Dr Smith doesn't want any pictures of him on my blog so I will just put this photo up to give you an indication of what he looks like. It's almost IDENTICAL. )
Last night I had my final injections of Gonal & Cetrotide & also another one which is my TRIGGER (it induces ovulation). I preferred to imagine that TBF was injecting me with Adamantium.
(Adamantium is a very dense, artificial, iron-based alloy that is virtually indestructible. A sufficient amount is capable of surviving multiple nuclear explosions with no damage - It is the stuff that was injected into Wolverine).

TBF & I are booked in to go into hospital tomorrow.
I will have my eight eggs harvested. I just imagine a doctor wearing a pair of denim overalls & a big straw hat coming in with a large scythe or sickle and announced "Ok yawl let's open them thar legs and gets ta choppin' Yeee harrrr". I am under anaesthetic thankfully. I LOVE going under. I don't get nauseous afterwards. I actually feel AWESOME afterwards like I have had the BEST sleep EVER.
TBF has to get a TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration ) which is under local anesthetic.
Hopefully they will get some good strong spermy from his goolies.
I am having tomorrow & Thursday off work and have been instructed to TAKE IT THE HELL EASY by Dr Smith. Afterwards it feels like bad period pain but luckily I can take Nurofen for it.

I will probably kick back & watch some uplifting happy movies that are on my MUST SEE list.... like
Oranges & Sunshine, Snowtown and The Lives of Others
OR I will just watch the Complete box set of Scrubs AGAIN.

Then we wait for 5 days and hopefully the little cungee-boys will have sweet sexy times with TBFs swimmers and they will create an embryo.

If so I will be implanted on Monday.



Thank you EVERYBODY for your thoughts & body parts crossing for us. We really appreciate it.
If we are successful we will be so happy. 
If it turns out we can't have a baby.... well yes it will be total shit...... but we will be OK knowing we have not only each other  but stacks of fucking awesome friends and family to keep us company instead.
See ya on the flip-side

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  1. Got everything crossed for you guys! Good Luck!