Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's a Big Thing when you Look into It.

Today I had my scan with Dr SMITH (name changed to protect the warm of hands).
I started my needles in the guts on Saturday night. It feels a wee bit more stingy this time.
I'd like to think it's because I'm so much more svelte than last time and I only have 10cm of belly fat to penetrate instead of 20cm.  It's so romantic when TBF grabs a nice big handful of tummy lard before injecting me with enough hormones to literally grow tits on a bull.
It's even more sexy when he gets that serial killer homicidal maniac look on his face just before he injects me.
The Gonal F that is injected is a hormone that makes me grow multiple eggs instead of the boring normal ONE egg  that I would naturally produce. This flood of hormones has the most awesome affect on my body (insert sarcastic font). Bloating, Tiredness, Crampiness, a feeling like when I get a stitch in my side after sprinting 10 metres across a bindie patch, Whinginess and a general feeling of Can't-Be-Stuffedness. (hmmmmm this sounds a bit like my normal self now I come to think of it)
My scan today was to check to make sure my follicles are plumping up they way they should be.
Without even buying me dinner first (!) Dr SMITH (I told him that I am blogging about him & told him I would change his name) proceeded to 'invade my personal space'. While this procedure doesn't really HURT it's not the most comfortable thing. It turns out I have FIVE eggs developing noicely and I apparently have a VERY good looking uterus.
This may very well be the nicest thing anyone has said to me. 
He was very positive about today's showing & made the comment "Whenever I put it in you we get a positive result".
To which I replied "I wish my husband could say that! BOOM BOOM!! HA harrr"
Cue: tumbleweeds & one very embarrassed Obstetrician
Don't you wish your uterus was hot like mine?
As of tonight, in addition to the Gonal F we had to also do injections of a thing called Cetrotide which stops my body ovulating. You can only imagine how awesome this makes a girl feel!
All going well egg pick up & tesa will be next Wednesday.
I've got WW weigh in tonight. I have NO idea how I am going to go seeing how my nether regions are laden with follicles (they are only 1.2mm wide & yet seem to weigh about 3kg each!).
I have been quite a good girl this week with my food. I DID eat a packet of Darryl Lee choc coated peanuts yesterday though (my follicles were craving sugar dammit!).... but besides that.
I've been doing lots of walking & actually, on Tuesday,  instead of catching a bus or a taxi, I walked from the city centre to my work. It took me about an hour. (note: I'd already walked for half an hour in the morning) I've realised that when it comes to exercise...
I love it. I feel so good being out in the fresh air.
When I walked back from the city I felt like I could just keep on walking for another hour more!
I'm not too worried about the scales at the moment.
I'm just focused on eating CLEAN & MOVING & BEING HEALTHY
note: we are NOT counting our follicles before they're hatched!

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