Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm an idealist. I don't know where I'm going but I'm on my Way - Carl Sandburg

GAIN OF 1 kg this week. Not unexpected.
Aunty Flo decided to once again curse me by filling  my reproductive organs with some sort of evil cement.
I didn't whimper & curse this week. I accepted my gain with a calmness to rival the Dali Lama on Temazepam. Ommmmmmmm. bloody stupid menstruate Ommmmmm bloaty guts gives me the irrits Ommmmmmm

The arrival of the Aunty means that we can FINALLY start IVF!
This afternoon I am off to City Fertility to pick up my stabby tummy jabby kits and to get

THE PLAN gives a day by day break down on what day I'm getting what inserted, stabbed, harpooned, injected, harvested, imbedded, implanted, jabbed, stuck in and plugged up.
I'm very excited. I just LOVE a plan. I love marking it on my calendar (at work, at home and on my phone) and knowing 'where I'm at".
Yes yes I am quite obsessed about lists & planning.
Today I wrote DAY ONE on the calendar..... IN RED..... NIKO.

Doing IVF this time feels very different to the previous goes. I think each round you do is different from the last. I've learnt from the last ones. I WILL NOT be downloading pregnancy apps, surfing pregnancy sites, flicking through Cleo pregnancy magazine, reading What to Expect When You're Expecting and I certainly WILL NOT be watching the movie. (mainly because it looks like crap and has Jay-Lo in it).
I will not consider myself TRUELY pregnant until (fingers crossed) I get up the duff & make it to the 12 week scan.

At WW last night we talked about setting GOALS. My main goal is simply to MOVE. Get my lily white cottage cheese arse up off the chair and MOVE.
My iddy-bitty fit bit zippy is so great with motivating me to move more and thank heavens the rain stopped & the sun came out so I could go for a walk!

Last night, we also had to write down a PLEDGE that we have to stick to for the next 2 months.
Now, because I am about to IVF & my body will be like a shanty hut being hit by a hormonal tsunami, I decided NOT to pledge that I will take up running, parkour or competitive MMA.
For the next 2 months I have to CHILL THE HELL OUT.

Yes, go for noice little saunters down the waterfront, yes watch my food intake, yes track the shit out of my food and be healthy BUT my main focus will be to

Tomorrow we are off to Oakey to see Dad & then to the Woombi to visit Mummsy.
Sunday I plan on doing the food shopping, the clothes washing & watching a movie and dagging out around the house.
See, nice & relaxing.
Oh and also having nightly injections into me guts.
Happy Times
I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Yay for IVF starting! You will do brilliantly. Take care and be kind to yourself xo

  2. Thanks Nez. I trying my hardest :)