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Friday night TBF & I & our mate Tom headed out to a relatively new venue in Brissy called "Lefty's Old Time Music Hall" to see one of our favourite rockabilly bands "West Texas Crude" play.
As soon as we entered we immediately gasped & breathed out"Oh yeahhhhhhhh now THIS is what we're talking ABOUT!".

The place looks like a mix between an old wild west saloon bordello house & a 1920's speakeasy club. Very dark mood chandelier lighting. Dark wood. Dark red leather lounges and lots of taxidermy animals. Yes, bears, lyre birds, deer, moose and one very very scary looking baboon (called Keith apparently). This sort of theme could have quite easily come across as being stupid kitsch but it really doesn't. It is done really well and tastefully.

I don't' drink anymore which is kind of a shame because it's the kind of place that just makes you want to drink whiskey (neat), red wine or rum or tequila.

It was PACKED. Luckily we pounced on a table and settled in to people watch. A real mix of people filled the bar. Suited business men, straight from the pages of Marie Claire trendy women, skinny jean wearing 1980s flock of seagulls hair cut hipsters, a few of us rockers and to my delight a plethora of bearded men. My hair was on end from the static electricity generated by all the skinny jeans rubbing together! I was super surprised & delighted when my vintage style goddess friend Mz Lisa from Atomic Martini Vintage arrived wearing the most amazing black velvet & mink wiggle dress!

As an ex-bar wench I am always scathing in my review of bar staff. Behind Lefty's bar is a brood of hot-dang attractive young men with the right amount of facial hair to tick my beardy lovin' boxes.
The clientele were served quickly ALL NIGHT. I loved that these bar men actually served more than one person at a time (a pet peeve of mine), were fast & super friendly.. I loved that serviettes were placed under the drinks, the glassware was fabulous (none of that el-cheapo shit) and I thought the drinks reasonably priced.

Being a good Weight Watchers gal I didn't eat (not even a chip!) but TBF & Tom tried out the menu. Deep Fried Onion Rings (with BACON FLAVOURED MAYO!) , hot chips and Jerk chicken Po'boys. The lads said it was alright & definitely put a nice greasy lining on their stomach. You could also help yourself to FREE POPCORN. Again, I was a good girl & declined but was told it was very very salty (obviously to keep the punters drinking).  Food is filling, tasty but basic and cheap.

Finally, West Texas Crude came on and proceeded to blow everyone away (as usual) with 3 awesome sets of rockabilly and country classics. Even though I've been listening to Mr Dashwood sing for years now I really think that his voice is just getting better & better. I had to admit to Mrs Dashwood that my-oh-my her husband does scrub up ever very nicely in a suit.
Mr Dashwood

The best part of the night for me was watching the 'normal' folk listen to WTC & frankly lose their shit. The crowd was LOVING IT!
There isn't any dance floor but a couple of us managed to still tear it up a bit up the front.
A lovely young lady came up to me later in the night & whispered to me that we had made her night watching us dance.
I think the highlight for the crowd was "Ghost riders in the Sky".Everyone was singing along. It was so cool.
I also LOVED that the music played inbetween sets was fantastic. Original bluegrass, old country and western swing.
TBF & I jump up when Wayne Hancock started playing!

My only peeves were later in the night around 10pm a group of young drunken lads came in (one who looked just like a 12 year Michael Cera) and were floppin' around everywhere and bumping into people, yelling at the band & basically being dickheads. There's not a lot of room to move in Lefty's & I was ready to let fly if one of those wankers were to spill his beer on my 1940s rayon frock or my friend's mink coat!

The other low light of the night was when we got back to our car we had copped a $110 parking fine!
Bugger! Dammit Residential parking only! Shit!

All in all though it was a great night.
I would definitely go back to Lefty's again. I really really hope that they stick with the theme & don't sway from it because I think that it would wreck the uniqueness of the place.
I wouldn't say it is a place to go for dinner but it is a very cool place to go for drinks.

I could visualise a bunch of fellas in suits & fedoras with some lovely ladies in fur coats & gloves sitting in the booths with a violin case at their feet.
Or a dust covered cowboy sitting at the bar watching the saloon floozy descend the steps.

Lefty's Old Time Music Hall

15 Caxton Street

Petrie Terrace, QLD 4000

Opening Hours

Wed 5:00 PM-3:00 AM
Thur 5:00 PM-3:00 AM
Fri 5:00 PM-3:00 AM
Sat 5:00 PM-3:00 AM

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