Thursday, July 25, 2013

Having a child is surely the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can commit. - Bill Cosby

So on Wednesday TBF & I went into the big house for our big stabby jabbies.



I wasn't feeling really nervous at all except for the biT about getting the drip thing in my arm. Yuck.
Luckily my anesthesiologist was lovely (he'd want to be for the amount of moola he must make in a day... crikey!)  As I was wheeled into the theatre all the nurses were friendly & chatty making me feel at ease. I made a comment to Dr Smith that it was good they didn't bring out the cling wrap like Dexter until after I'm asleep.  Only one nurse got the reference & I'm not sure if her gasp was one of laughter or disgust. After getting me to sign my life away they pushed the plunger down & I was off to the land of marshmallows & pixies.

Just lie still Mz Vicki & I'll have those eggs out in a jiffy.
When I awoke I was in the 'recovery' ward in what may be the most comfortable recliner chair in the universe. The nurse saw me begrudgingly open my eyes and mumble "Muopyyogduyssuouuo".
All I could think was "give me more of that fabulous stuff in the drip. I'm sooooooooo relaxed and I feel fuzzy."
Apparently, TBF walked in after his op & I slurred at him loudly " Zairrrrr he ifffs...... Da Big Felllasssssss. Zzzzzzzzzzz"
Pretty soon I was awake & scoffing down some incredibly tasteless sandwiches, the best cup of tea ever and an OJ. Then the wonder drugs wore off & the mega pain began.
"Farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk" I exclaimed in a not very ladylike fashion "Jeeez I feel like I've been farking garroted by a rusty melon baller!!  Oooooo my poor prumpets...  Moannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn"
They quickly gave me shitloads Panadene Forte & I was sent on my way.
(probably so they didn't have to listen to my whining anymore)
We headed to the comfort of home, but not before stopping in and devouring a huge Big Dad's special Pie with the ferocity of a starving hyena eating a lame zebra. Disgusting really but I was ravenous.
Mmmmmm fark Mmmmmm
Yesterday we got the phone call from the clinic that out of the out of the eight eggs... five were OK.
Then out of those five TWO of them have fertilised !!!!!
This is great news as you would know it only takes ONE of those little suckers to make a baby.
Tomorrow on Saturday we will get another phone call to update us on the progress of the little cells.
By tomorrow they should have split into 8 cells.
All going well we will have one to implant on Monday & hopefully maybe have one to wack in the freezer incase this doesn't work or if we are silly enough to want more..
In the meantime, I am still sore, crampy & tired and walking like I've been riding an all terrain mountain bike without the seat.
I'll be taking it easy this weekend with lots of sitting, lying down & kicking back.
Mummsy is coming to stay to take care of me.
Have a great weekend everyone and thanks again for all your well-wishes.
We can only keep our fingers crossed.


  1. So freaking excited for you guys right now! Fingers crossed still :)

  2. How incredibly wonderful! Good luck sugar xo

  3. Hello my name is Beck - you won't know me but my sister is Belinda Williams so I have been (yep it sounds kinda creepy) following your WW blog. I wish you all the best and have my fingers and toes crossed for you!!!

  4. Dexter is your Dr? That's way cool - almost as cool as meeting a sexy blonde bombshell in a ladies room in So-Cal. I love you and wish you and the big fella all the very best xxxx D