Thursday, June 13, 2013

Knowledge is Knowing Tomato is a Fruit. Wisdom is not putting it into a Fruit Salad.

Well cut me down & call me Stumpy!

Last night I had a gain. Not completely unexpected at this time of the month but still a bit disappointing. I've only lost 1.3kg in 16 weeks for the love of Larry!!! I was about this close to stomping my feet onto my weigh in book and wailing "I'll never get there! NEVERRRRRR".

Toni my WW leader was a busy bee last night with new members so I sort advice from one of the members who is now Lifetime. "What the heck am I doing wrong?!" I sobbed.

She looked at my tracker.
Looked at me.
Looked back at my tracker.

"You DO realise that you are eating about 8-10 serves of fruit A DAY?!"
"eh?" I dumbly responded.
"You are only supposed to have TWO serves!"
I could hear quiet tisking from the chairs behind from The Ones Who Have Lost & Maintained.
"But isn't fruit ZERO points? I know you should only have two serves but .... but... but... " I stammered looking around for someone... anyone to back me up.
I was met only with pitying eyes.
"No no no no no" my fellow member shook her head "After two serves there are counted as points".
Frantically I glanced around the room for somebody to tell me that it can't be true.
Alas, I was greeted with nods of solemn agreement. The Wise Women looked to each other & then to me.
"Oh we made that mistake too."
"Oh fruit is tricky one".
"Poor thing look at her quivering bottom lip".
So I thought I was doing a GOOD thing eating a whole mess of fruit a day when it turns out that instead of eating my allocated 28 points a day I am eating about 40 points a day.!!!!

I have already discussed in previous blogs about the fact that I believe dates should be classed as activity points due to the increased heart rate that occurs when you suddenly need to do the 100 dash to the loo quick smart.
So today I need to revise my menu plan.
Good bye my dear dates & grapes. I shall be replacing you with one banana & one apple or one WW fruit snack tub.

Don't you bloody hate that when you THINK you are making good choices but you actually aren't.
Don't get me started on TRAIL MIX
(see clip attached from the AWESOME TV show "The Checkout")

On IVF news... This morning I had my first blood test of many to come in the next month.
Jeebus.. It was cold & despite the fact that I whacked my inner elbows until they were red raw, the lady couldn't find a vein!  I'd make a shit junkie. Eventually, after a bit of prodding the claret was flowing.
I'm come SOOO far. Not so long ago I would have been a hyperventilating quivering annoying whiny mess!

I'm getting my hair coloured on Saturday and then I've got a costume party to go to on Saturday night. "Children's Character Party" so that will be awesome fun because (as you all know) I just LOVE a fancy dress.
And I am doing the incredibly exciting job of pulling out the triffid-like weeds from the back yard.
Oh well .. think of the Activity Points eh.

What's a snack YOU thought was a good choice but wasn't?

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  1. Oh Vicki! I do love reading your blog. This one in particular was funny. Dates, who would of thought! Funny lady :) Keep up the great work though, you are doing fantastic :)