Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city. - George Burns

I've been having a bit of a "I don't want to" week.
As in, I don't want to blog anymore.
I just couldn't be arsed. I was asking myself "Why?" "Why am I doing this?
Sure it makes some people smirk & smile but seriously Vick couldn't you be doing other things like, ... ummmm well I don't know what exactly.... but something?!!"
This morning I woke & up & realised
1. I've had rat shit PMS
2. Auntie Flo has arrived bringing her suitcases of pain.
3.  I blog because I like to get the thoughts OUT of my brain, I like to write and yes , I like the thought that one of you wacky readers might get a laugh out of it and maybe somebody who thinks that they are alone in their world of whatever might read my musings and yell "HEY I can relate to that! Thank Christ I'm not alone!"

On the weekend I headed up the Toowoomba range in my new fully sick red Toyota Corolla with the totally epic spoiler on the back. I rolled up the sleeves on my Ed Hardy Hoodie, chucked my carton of Horizon Ultra Milds in the back, slapped my UNIT decal on the back & zoomed off in my bitchin' 4 cylinder hot rod. (note: I do not own any Ed Hardy, I don't smoke & I don't even KNOW what UNIT means).
The weekend was filled with litres of Decaf coffee, lots of laughs and multiple BAD food choices.
On Friday I took Dad out of the hospital for lunch at the Meringandan Pub. This pub is NOT known for it's small WW friendly meals. I had the grilled fish & salad.. yes and a nice big stack of beer battered chips.
It was lovely out in the beer garden in the sun & it's nice to get Dad out even though conversation is hard because of his dementia. Poor bugger.
Dad quickly became tired after his mega meal of rissoles & so I dropped him back for a sleep & then hit the Vintage shops in Toowoomba. The Lifeline Vintage Store normally has a few treasures on it's racks but alas, the shop seems to have gone down the hideous path of only stocking rank 1980s & 1990s shit.
So I toddled off to my FAVOURITE shop in Toowomba "Lancaster Antiques". SIGH. BLISS.

I got 2 kitsch brooches + 4 pairs of kooky plastic 1950s earrings & the most awesome geometric patterned chenille bedspread! My ex & I used to have one and I have always wanted to replace it!

I even got a discount because I normally buy SOMETHING every time I visit the shop.
Then it was off to Mummsy's. Auntie Le-Le, Mummsy & I then spent the next 24 hours solving ALL of the world's problems, drinking Roobis tea, shaking our heads at YouTube clips of Honey-Bo-Bo Child and watching The Green Mile for the 20th time. (I may have also eaten a Cherry Ripe).
Saturday night we had dinner at my Nanny & Gd's house. For dessert we had the most divine plum pudding with custard & ice cream. None of that low-fat diet shit at MY Grandparents house thank YOU. Pass the cream.

One of my greatest joys when visiting N&GD is mentioning Karl Stefanovic. For some reason they hate him. My Nan who NEVER swears once announced "He's a bloody dickhead!" This time GD declared that "since he won that bloody Logie he's gone all bloody weird. What's wrong with him? He's a bloody goose". My Grandparents are awesome.
(personally I love Karl & don't feel safe until I see him on the scene at any natural disaster event... phew every thing's going to be fine... Karl's there.)

Finally I had to bid adieu to the fam and make my way back down the mountain. I may have stopped at Laidley & had a KFC twist and a piece of banana bread.

Anyone would think I'm not serious about this whole WW caper. EPIC FACE PALM.

Back on track now.... I swear!

Weekends are definitely my downfall.

I am still walking my 3 sets of 15 minutes every day. I love my morning walk along the water. I wish I had more time.

In other news, because of the arrival of Auntie Flo it means the beginning of the IVF blood tests as of tomorrow.
And so it begins.....



  1. Oh lordie lordie - dont stop blogging beeaattchh - what will I do if you dont let me know that the rest of the world is at least a little fecked up like mine. And - since I am absolutely sure we were seperated at birth.... three weeks ago I too was up the toowoomba mountains....Although we live in Townsville, my other half is from the deep south and we are going to move down there soon. We saw some beautiful places to live and had some awesome coffee and the best food!!!!Just wish I had known about all the good shops before we went - not that himself let me do any shopping......
    Good luck for the IVF round - chill, relax and let the fertility gods take charge - or something or nothin.....
    Thanks again for all you do :))

  2. I second that please dont stop blogging you are a fantastic writer and your honesty about dealing with your problems is sure to help others that are isolated and going through similar troubles. Cant imagine two more deserving people to become parents I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you..which makes walking and typing difficult :) talk soon - I still want to come up for a walk along the esplanade with you one Saturday or Sunday soon.
    Yvette xxx

  3. Awww thanks guys. I just get a bit BLAH and think what's the fucking point but then I get nice comments like yours :)
    I HOPE we would be good parents. Shit I have NO idea on what you do.
    PS: Excuse ME foxspaws YOU haven't blogged in a while.