Monday, May 6, 2013

Garterbelts and Gasoline Soap Box Derby 2013

Wowzers! What a humungus weekend! It's Tuesday and I'm still knackered.
It was the annual Garterbelts and Gasoline Festival up at the beautiful Mount Tamborine.
It was a weekend of great entertainment, great bands, funny as hell friends and completely atrocious horrendous eating.

We were up at sparrow's (4 am !!!! ) on Saturday morning to make the drive up the mountain for TBF to compete in the Soap Box Derby.
(Breakfast was a big steak & kidney pie & a large extra strong coffee with 2 sugars from a bakery)
We had a team this year called  "The Downhill Bombers". We even had matching shirts so we looked totally cool and like we were a gang. LOL.
The Soap Box Derby started at 8am and it was so much fun watching the competitors hurl themselves down the hill in their INCREDIBLE creations. The work that goes into these machines is just amazing. Too many to show on here.
I'm sure if you go to the website there will be heaps of awesome photos to gawp at:
I'm not sure who won what as I was too busy just watching & being a social butterfly.
I'm just glad that I was sensible & wore a cowboy hat, jeans & comfy boots & a jacket so I didn't get sun burnt. The weather was perfect!

We were super excited to have the Garterbelts & Gasoline special guest Max Grundy (he's the one wearing the baseball cap in the team pic ) on our team racing Brenton's Gold Hot Rod racer. 
Max is an awesome artist from America.
You can check out his art at his webpage:

TBF & I in front of his racer 'The Grey Wiggle'

Another Dowhill Bomber " Hazchem "
The other Downhill Bomber
One of the Downhill Bomber racers called La Amante Verde (The Green Mistress)


The 4 Downhill bomber soapboxers
There was only a couple of 'incidents'. One racer flipped over & crashed into a hay bale and was taken away by the medics with a nasty head cut. Another racer blew a tyre & rolled it at the finish line & hurt his ribs. The last incident was a horrible tragedy that involved a good friend of mine going to one of the porta-loos & accidentally dropping her iPhone into the toilet. After I stopped pissing myself laughing , there was much discussion about whether we should try to fish it out with the 'official' wooden spoon but it was eventually decided that even if it was rescued no amount of Detol & Glen-20 would be enough to convince the owner to put it up to her face again.
It didn't help that the bloke who went in after her was in there for about 10 minutes! *shudder*
After the racing was over most of the racers & friends hit the Mount Tamborine Brewery to kick back and have some lunch (I had a burger the size of a football & hot chips 5000PP ), listen to the hilarious country band "The Fuelers" and watch the awards for Derby. I was still super crook with the flu so it was good to finally sit down, have ANOTHER coffee and swig some MORE Duratuss Forte cough mixture. 

Brenton's gorgeous soapbox racer won the Max Grundy Top Car Award
At around 4pm we were totally stuffed and decided to hit the road for the long drive back to Da Cliff.
For dinner I had an apple pie from the bakery (2000 PP ) and Mick had some frozen leftovers because we couldn't be arsed cooking. I crashed and burned by about 8pm.
TBF was still on a Soap box Derby high & couldn't get to sleep until about 10.
Maybe next year I might enter the Derby as I am disappointed by the lack of Lady entrants in the senior category (and by lack I mean there isn't ANY entrants!).
This has to change.
The Winner of the Fastest racer "The Red Rocket"

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