Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Not Quite Right" Vintage Clothing Fundraiser at Atomic Martini Vintage

Yesterday arvo after work instead of dashing down the highway to my regular Thursday night WW cult meeting, I sashayed off to Atomic Martini Vintage at Clayfield for the "Not Quite Right" fundraiser.  As the name suggests, the sale consisted of women's & men's clothing & accessories that are "not quite right". Like a button is missing or a seam needs stitching etc.
Now, there is only one thing more tempting & exciting than the words VINTAGE CLOTHING SALE and that is VINTAGE CLOTHING SALE FOR CHARITY.

ALL proceeds from the sale of NQR items went towards helping a young lady in great need.
One of my oldest dearest friends,  Mz Chrissy from The Lindy Charm School for Girls has a sister called Elisha. Elisha has a rare and aggressive form of cancer. She is 34 years old and a single mum to 10 year old Jack. She knows there is a chance to prolong her life with an expensive treatment plan if only she had the money to fund it. Her oncologist thinks the treatment could help her, so hence, the fundraiser.

For more information about Elisha and how you can donate please click on this link:

It was a great afternoon/night and I bought a nice cotton summery frock, a beaded cardigan & a nice blue sexy tight sweater top. It was great seeing everyone and heaps of fun was had by all trying on all the outfits. There was lots of swooning & oohing & arrring over the AMAZING frocks that Mz Lisa has for sale in her shop. At the end of the night $1690 was raised!!!.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!!
We hope this brings Elisha one step closer to getting the treatment she so desperately needs.

Mz Lisa & Mz Chrissy

HAR HAR Chrissy I am worth more than $40 thank you.

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  1. I couldn't be there but I did donate some money. Here's hoping they raise the money they need.

    You gals all looked fabulous!