Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Garterbelts & Gasoline Sunday

Sunday morning & we were up at the crack 'o' dawn again *groan* for the long haul up the mountain. Another quick stop at the bakery at Logan for a giant 1000 PP meat pie and bucket of coffee.
The Sunday is a day to kick back, have a look at the cars, prowl around the stalls, watch some rad bands & catch up with approx 5000 people I haven't seen in yonks.
Miracle of miracles I was actually feeling semi-human & my sinuses had de-swelled so I no longer resembled an alien off an episode of Doctor Who.
Wooohooo. So I thought I might just frock up. I chose a noice little brown & yellow cotton vintage number that was a suitable lady-like length to mid-calf with matching (of course) bangles, handbag & hair flower clip.

The beautiful Andrea in a 'to-die-for' rayon hawaiian frock with matching bolero
After quickly locating the coffee cart & ordering the largest strongest coffee they had TBF & I had a stroll around the markets. Alas, funds are still low so I didn't buy the 30 pairs of 1950s vintage glass & plastic clip on earrings I desperately wanted (needed). sigh. 
TBF bought a couple of Max Grundy artwork T-shirts which are really really cool.
I had a wonderful time wandering around & catching up with a heap of my super-duper gorgeous glamourous sophisticated (*cough*) friends exclaiming wildly like Jeannie Little on crack.
"Ohhhh darlllllllllling. You look amazzzzzzzzing. Where did you get that faaaaaaabulous frock? Darrrrrrrrlinnggggg you're gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrjus" mwah mwah cheek kiss cheek kiss.
Just look at the pics & tell me I don't hang with the most super hawt spunks & spunkerellas that are just oozing style out of their every orifice.
Total spunk DJ Swing-a-billy Ray

The ravishing Elisse & Kelese

Kate Miss Kitten Darling & her gorgeous daughter Jadie

The ever stylish Katrina & Karen

The Lovely Lisa who reads this blog and came up to me to tell me she loves it!
Thanks heaps Lisa You're obviously totally awesome!!! :)

Thank goodness someone was thinking because Katrina bought fold out chairs! Bless your cotton socks! So most of the arvo was spent perched under the trees watching brilliant rockabilly bands. My highlight band would have been The Ten Fours. I just love those guys. I also really enjoyed Warren Earl and The Atomic Rockers. I hadn't seen them play live before & I thought they were great.
The only time I shifted my arse out of my seat was to go get more coffee (I think I have a problem), to go get a Pacos Tacos burrito (Holy Guacmole the BEST burritos EVER EVER EVER), dance with Prudy (my friends 6 year beautiful daughter) and to visit Mz Bek of Bexterity Pin-up Photography & Your One Stop Pin-up Shop.
The totally slammin hawt Mz Bek.. the big cheese of Bexterity.
She loves me.
Later in the afternoon I even got to have a spin around grounds in TBF's soap box racer. I almost took out a couple of kids! So close. Before we left, our friend Brenton lined up his two amazing vehicles side by side & they were part of a modelling shoot. It was an 'interesting' shoot. All I will say is that model must have been pretty chilly.
Brenton's incredible Pontiac & look-alike soapbox racer
Eventually the afternoon wore on & it was time to leave. Dinner for me was BP takeaway of a super dry Chicken sanga, large chocolate chip cookie & a Daily Juice OJ.
It was a long trip home by the time we loaded up the soap boxes and dropped them at our friends and then went home & then waited for our soap box to be delivered & unloaded. So stuffed. I couldn't wait to change into my Kmart flannies and scrub the slap off my face.
Great weekend though! Remind me next year to organise to have the Monday off work to recover.

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