Tuesday, April 16, 2013

There ain't no party like my Nanna's tea party. Hey! Ho! - Flight of the Conchords

When the weather gets colder my first thought is "Hooray! Soup Time!"
(actually this is a lie. My first thought is "Hooray! Time to get out my Pendleton 49er jackets again!"
I am a big fan of home-made soups and I lurve trying new soup recipes. Most of my soups turn out very nice but gee-whiz I've had some horrors.
I recall the Brocolli Soup disaster of 2012 where I had to chuck out about 7 days worth because after only ONE serving even I couldn't bear to be in the same room as myself & my exploding toxic bowels. TBF almost divorced me.
A similar situation in 2011 with a lovely garlic & cauliflower number. I was expecting a phone call from a Kim Jong-Un to use me as a part of his biological warfare division.

Oh I've had some success as well. I do a crackin' Vietnamese Beef Noodle and a delicious Thai Pumpkin and my Chicken and Macaroni is lovely and a favourite of TBF.
This week I decided to try the WW Pumpkin & Red Capsicum AND the WW Thai Ginger Carrot Soup. I must admit I was deeply suspicious of using silken tofu in a soup unless it is Miso.
Now, I would like to point out that there is NO problem with these recipes.
The problem is... well.... me. I go all Jamie Oliver on that shit.
Literally I just start adding stuff literally and literally overestimating portions of ingrediants.
Literally not pukka.
Instead of only using a wee bit of capsicum for a hint of zazz I used a full capsicum the size of a small watermelon and so the taste of capsicum has now completely overridden the yummy pumpkin taste & it is now bloody horrible. With the carrot soup I used WAY too much fresh ginger & so now it is SO bitter & tangy it makes your face squish up like a dog eating lettuce. Also I thought (foolishly) 185g of tofu won't be enough so I chucked in the whole 300g and so, even with extensive blending it went all freaky mooshy and looks like something my cat might vomit up.
And so my search for yummy low point soups continues.
In other WW news I have ONE AGAIN been completely friggin useless when it comes to exercise this week.  Yesterday I had every intention of getting home & immediately chucking on my joggers & going out for a jog.... as soon as I walked in and TBF looked up at me with those big blue peepers I just wanted to stay home. This is not completely true.  Basically, I sat on the bed, took off my work shoes and my bra and well, that was that. The "girls" got comfy after being released and I didn't want to restrain them again for the day. So so slack.
This avo I have instucted TBF NOT to make eye contact with me and I WILL be getting home, quickly getting changed and heading out the door. Shadup I will.
I'm not sure how my weigh-in is going to go this week as it is now TTOM and I traditionally gain about 500g. Why does this happen? Do my ovaries suddenly swell up like an overstuffed sausage on a barbeque? My tummy is all sticky-outy. Nice.
I'm drinking lots of water to help flush the fat out of  my guts though.
What is YOUR favourite home-made soup?


  1. Would you share your chicken and macaroni soup recipe? Or is it just impromptu?? :)

  2. No worries Jen. I'll dig it out tonight & put it up soon
    It's yummo.