Sunday, April 14, 2013

I never panic when I get Lost. I just change where it is I want to go - Rita Rudner

Well what a bugger. Thanks very much Mother Nature you cow! Thanks to you & your bloody incessent rain the Colour Run was cancelled. Poo Bum Poop. The fam was totes devo'd.
We were spewin' because TBF & I drove all the way to Helensvale on Saturday in the pouring rain on the M1 with all the looney P-Plater drivers, Nissan Skyline hoons & kamakazi truckies to pick up the Colour Run gear.
Oh well it is happening in June instead so not all is lost & will get to fulfill my fantasy of pegging bags of coloured dye at strangers and small children.
So anyways, after picking up our Colour Run packs we looked at eachother and reading eachothers thoughts, hi-fived and squealed "Sushi Train Helensvale!!!" This Sushi train has the most fresh delicious sushi. So so yum.
It was also cold & rainy and so the thought of a noice spicy udon soup had me drooling onto my chin.
Alas, I found my udon soup to be WAY too oily (maybe my tastebuds are changing) so I couldn't eat it.
"SQUEAL! " squealed TBF " More for me! "as he quickly grabbed my bowl.
So I stuck to yummy yummy sushi.
By the time we got home from faffing around and driving all over the country side like the Leyland Brothers it was late. We had a quick stop into the Kustom Krafts Retro Markets at Sandgate for a squizz but we didn't stay for long because I was ty-ty (read: cranky pants starting) and our car had started making some weird noises. I made a quick professional mechanical diagnosis by stating "Sounds like it's rooted."
On the drive back the car was REALLY starting to concern us with it's grindy noises and it's stubberness of not really wanting to go into second gear. So the last couple of kays home were peppered with the sounds of TBF growling "C'morrn you bastard. Don't turn red don't turn red.. don't... awww fark!"

Home at dark to one very annoyed ginger cat I whipped up a WW recipe of Lamb RoganJosh (yum and jeez I LOVE onepot wonder recipes). TBF settled in to take out his frustrations by yelling at the AFL footy while I propped myself up in the bed with a noice cuppa and watched my new favourite TV show "Black Mirror".
Sunday - Due to CR being cancelled we got to have a sleep in (sigh bliss) before heading over to the in-laws for a family day. It was a lovely relaxing day and bless my in-laws we had a super healthy lunch of bbq prawns & salad. Later in the arvo I was getting antsy so I went for a delightful stroll around the neighbourhood for about 20 minutes just to stretch my legs. Once again we didn't get home til dark & I just could not be ARSED cooking dinner so we had smoked salmon with lite philly cheese on wholemeal muffins for dinner.
The only exercise I have done since Wednesday is the 20 minute walk on Sunday arvo and that was just a slow stroll in me haviana thongs as I admired the lovely homes in Shorncliffe (admired = peeked like a dirty perve into their yards & homes to see what cool stuff they had while day dreaming about what it must be like to live in a landscaped fully restored queenslander on the water that looks like something off Grand Designs).

All-in all I ate very well on the weekend except for one (two or three) things.


Oh yes they are ONLY 2PP each. So on Friday night what did I do??
I heated TWO up in a bowl and then tipped a Skinny Cow icecream over them.
6PP... ok maybe 7PP.
I had the same on Saturday night.
These brownies are delicious. If you are like me and start twitching & convulsing slightly at the mere sight of chocolate avoid these as you will eat the whole box in one sitting.
So now this morning the vintage Nissan 4WD simply will not go into reverse at all so TBF had to give a ride into work and I will have to catch *GULP* public transport to get home. EEek. Pass the Glen-20 and antibacterial hand gel.
In my favour, it IS about a half hour walk from work to the train station so at least I will get SOME sort of exercise in today.
I hope that it is not an expensive process to fix the car. sigh. And NO I can't ride my deadly treadly to work as it would take me about 5 hours to ride into the city and I couldn't bring myself to wear those hideous bum-paddy pants.


  1. Sweetie your posts are just heaven! I am sad you have car trouble but such a well told tale. Love love love your blog!

  2. Awww thanks Nerida. I'm glad my blog makes you smile :)