Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's a somber occasion and all of my tops are too joyful.- Cam (Modern Family)

And the winner for most outstanding and frankly most surprising weightloss of the week goes to.....
MZ VICKI with her outrageous loss of 1.8kg.
Thank you thank you thank you. I wish to thank my weight watchers app for always being by my side, the ww website for providing me with shitloads of super yummy recipes, my regular bowel movements for helping me feel lighter, my husband for not sharing his packet of M&Ms with me even though I looked at him with my big blue eyes & fluttered my eyelashes in a completely adorable manner and most of all I'd like to thank ME for getting off my lazy arse & actually doing some exercise this week.
Last night at my WW meeting we learnt about STRESS. This is a
subject that I have a degree in. I think that part my weighloss this week can also be attributed to my LETTING IT GO attitude or the I DON'T GIVE A SHIT attitude as it is also known.
My meds are definately helping keep my brain noice and mellow which is great.
I'm trying not to let stuff get to me. Although last night my spider senses started tingling a bit.
I am what is commonly known as The Class Clown. I act like a bit of a dickhead. I try to be peppy, upbeat and more than a bit cheeky with a tinge of naughty Benny Hillesque humour. I have a feeling that my pep is being interpreted as being obnoxious and a bit of a show-off.
I think I might have to tone down my poo jokes and raising my hand all the time "Toni Toni Oo Ooo pick me Toni pick me!" and bite my tounge a bit. I don't do it to be all like "Everybody look at me aren't I fucking hilarious". I just can't help it. I like to try & make people laugh & smile if I can.
I think some people are started to find me irritating. sigh.
This weekend I am doing The Colour Run with my family on the Gold Coast. There are 11 of us doing it (4 are under the age of 10). I cannot wait. If you don't know what it is go to the website & check it out.
It looks like stacks of fun.  I've always wanted to be in a full on food fight so being pelted with bags of coloured corn starch is one step closer to this.

Have a super rad weekend everyone & stay safe!


  1. Oh my gosh Vicki you are going to love the Color Run! It's a fabulous good time, I did the one in Melbourne last year.


  2. I was so bummed the Colour Run was cancelled Carol but thankfully it is back on in June!! Hooray :)