Tuesday, March 12, 2013

“He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.” Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Howdy everybody! I hope you've all been well and have been good little minxes.
Thanks everyone who left me comments about my 1 year of being off the turps. You rock and made me feel all squirmy & happy.
Well, it's Wednesday & I've surprised myself by staying totally on track with my WW points!
Tomorrow is my New Week and I still have 45 extra points in the kitty! Now I COULD pop into The Cheesecake shop on my way home & get 2 & 1/2 slices of Baked Caramel Mississippi Cheesecake (only 41PP) BUT.... I won't. Mmmmmmm cheesecake.
Instead I will go for a noice hour long walk along the waterfront. I'd better have a loss on the scales this week or Mz Vicki will be one unhappy camper.
On Sunday TBF & I toodled off to the Brizvegas Kustom Karnival at The Acacia Ridge Hotel. It was crackin' day with hot cars, market stalls selling all manner of pin up shit, rockin bands & awesome friends.  I was excited because the headlining act was Los Straightjackets who are a surf instrumental band from America (pictured above).  Pat Capocci Combo were awesome as usual and Men Into Space rocked. I LOVED their version of Planet Claire by the B52s!! I was also impressed by their 2 back up singers... I mean screamers The Boobettes. Unfortunately I missed The Lincolns as I was too busy talking the leg off an iron chair upstairs and managed to catch the end of CC Jerome's Jetsetters who were fantastic. A bit more bluesy/ boogie woogie but still great.
We had a such great time and it was so cool catching up with friends I haven't seen in ages. There was lots of cheek kissing and "Arrrrrrr how ARE youuuuuuuuuuu?!!!"s
ALL of the bands were excellent and I thought the venue was ace with all the areas separated.(food in one area, markets in another & the bands downstairs).
PS:  I made my skirt myself! Yes I am a clever chooky.
I chatted & chatted & schmoozed with everyone until I almost lost my voice, I had a dance with my mate Tony which reminded me how unfit I am and laughed & laughed with my super awesome super frickin' hilarious disgustingly rude friends.
When Los Straightjackets came on I lost my shit. I was Go-Go dancing and doing the twist all over the place. I don't know how ANYONE could have stood still while they were on. I put down 11 activity points for Sunday because I was bouncing around like a looney for a good hour and a half I reckon. I was pouring with sweat. And the best thing was, because it was a daytime gig we got home at the respectable hour of 7.30pm. Another brilliant rockabilly event put on by the Queen of Brisbane Rockabilly Mz Lori Lee.

The Queen of the Kitten Katwalk - Kate Miss Kitten Darling

Lindy Charm School Headmistress Mz Chrissy & my WW inspiration Mz Calista

The Awesome Mz Erin of PocoRojo Photography

My favourite person in the world - TBF (The Big Fella)
Mz Lisa of Atomic Martini Vintage at Clayfield
In other news, I had a brain strain day yesterday. I think my new fangled meds are playing a bit of havic with my ole grey matter. I'm feeling a bit nervy & anxious & yesterday I felt like I was going to have a panic attack. I left work at midday & managed to drive home with running any red lights. I got home around one & immediately went to bed and went into a coma for about 3 hours.
When I brain is feeling all manky the best thing for me is to literally turn my brain to the OFF position for a while.  I think that I am letting alot of things get to me again and I need to
I feel good today. I dragged myself to my sewing class last night. I wasn't going to do but TBF assured me that it is like my 'feel good' tonic. And you know what? He was right. After about an hour my head started to clear & I started to feel human again.
I'm so lucky that I have the most fantastic support network. My hubby, my friends, my Facebook community friends, my WW community friends & my family.


PS:  If any of you can think of any topics you would particularly like me to write about please let me know as I quite often get writer's block and can't think of anything interesting to type about. (besides my usual narcissistic ramblings that is LOL)

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  1. Dear Ms Versace,
    what a skirt sista - bloody hell, talent or what...... I love it and I love how your weekend sounded. Here in the redneck capital of the bumhole of nowhere, one can only dream of "alternative" bands/days out/ people.
    Anyhoo, I am compelled to let you know of an ancient Irish custom - OK I'm out of the closet, I only came here 12 years ago, so still have an accent.....but anyhoo, in Ireland, women have been long known to "take to their bed" on occasion. My mother used to do it regularly, and my grandmother did it for years...... No one had any mental health issues, we just took to our beds until sorted!!!
    Many many hardcore drugs were available in my hometown of Belfast, because everyone was "bad with their nerves" but we struggled on, and woe betide we should come down with such a thing as PTSD, depression or anything so labelling.
    And I love what you write about, so please please keep on doing what you do, and write about anything. It all makes us laugh!!