Friday, March 8, 2013

19. RED HILL (2010)

Hmmm for some reason youtube won't let me upload the trailer...
This is the link to it:
I'd heard good things about this movie and the trailer makes it look really good.
It's KIND OF a cowboy western but set in Australia.  The scenery is really awesome & I would love to know where it was filmed because the buildings are gorgeous.
It's hard to review this movie without kind of spoiling it.
Be warned.... It's corny as all get out and the acting is pretty bloody average but I really liked the concept of the film. It's sort of a The Good The Bad & The Ugly but with more "streuth mates" and " farkin' hell mates".  There is a bizarre sub-plot that I don't really understand what the hell it was included for. I don't want to give it away but it is to do with something strange living in The High Country.
Hubby pointed out to be that in keeping with the salute to old western films most of the firearms in the film are really old western styles . I wouldn't have noticed that. The soundtrack is really good too.
I was really impressed that in this P.C. age of not offending anyone that the 'bad' guy is an Aboriginal.
It's pretty predictable and towards the end I could totally predict what was going to happen & even what the next script line would be ... but.......
I liked it. I'm not sure why but I liked it.
If you like a good Aussie flick and this one isn't too bad.

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