Sunday, February 24, 2013

If she were a President she'd be Babe-raham Lincoln

Whoa what a weekend. I'm so freaking exhausted from so much taking it easy. Phew!
Being the utter champion I am I began my weekend by participating in the weekend Parkrun at Sandgate.  This was my third Parkrun. Upon finishing this week's 5km run I had what you might call an epiphany. As I crossed the finish line & collapsed onto the ground in the shade gasping & sobbing it became clear to me that I AM NOT A RUNNER. Not only am I not a runner but I fucking hate running. If it were not for the incredible Lyndall who had promised herself to jog the whole thing, the organisers would STILL be waiting for me to cross the line. Lyndall is amazing and is totally commited to the MB12wbt. I stuck with her as long as I could but my dodgy thighs & feet had other plans. Doing the 12wbt SSS (super Saturday session) were a bunch of chicky-babes right near the parkrun track. I'm going to join them from now on. At least I know that while I am dying I will also be laughing like a looney.
Lyndall ... what a bloody champion!



Saturday arvo was a lovely time spent with friends having a BBQ, eating bad stuff, reviewing movies and talking about random shit.
I went WAYYYYYYYYYY over my WW points thanks to Trish's brownies that I believe may contain illegal substances because it is impossible to only have one. I'm not stressed though... back on track today.

Sunday we hit The Pig n Whistle pub to watch UFC157. I LURVE UFC.
This round was one of the first main events to feature women fighters. It was unreal.
Jesus these chicks are freaking MEAN. And FIT. OMG They are beyond FIT.
It was a great fight and it totally made me want to take up boxing training.

Not take up actual boxing as I am WAY too much of a princess to either punch an actual person and I am sure I would squeal like Ned Flanders if I even got so much as a tap! But boxing TRAINING looks good. All that belting the shit out of a bag. Hmmmmm
I know this might sound a big weird but I thought it was so great to see a super hot chick busting the stereotypes by being a total hornbag but a complete HARDARSE in the ring.
Rousey is my new girl crush.

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