Sunday, February 24, 2013

16. Beasts Of The Southern Wild - (2012)

I didn't know ANYTHING about the plot of this film.  I had only read alot of reviews. Just about all of them said that this movie was highly recommended... Poignant was a word thrown around.

It starts off pretty good and the little girl Hushpuppy is a really good little actress but I found myself holding in there waiting for something to happen. I did enjoy Hushpuppy's narrations but I found the movie itself a bit of a non-event. It was kind of an interesting insight into the lifestyle of the people who live in The Bathtub which is a town on the bayou near New Orleans. I can't believe people actually seem to LOVE living like this. It's funny... on one hand little Hushpuppy is really neglected & lives a horrible life surrounded by poverty & boarderline starvation with only adults being moonshine alcoholics and yet everybody seems pretty bloody happy living like that.

At first I liked the big pig-buffalo things (the imaginary creatures that are coming to destroy everything) but in the end they were just silly.

It was really disjointed and frankly bloody weird.
I don't see what all the fuss was about.


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