Thursday, January 10, 2013

7. The Artist (2012)

I'm a dickhead.
I did not know that The Artist is a silent film. I knew it was ABOUT silent films but I didn't realise that this is literally a silent film.
That doesn't mean that I didn't like it though... quite the opposite. It's so lovely to watch a film that isn't just all about action scenes and big fancy schmancy effects. This is a very very simple film that is beautiful to watch. The musical score is fantastic.
I found it to be a 'paint by numbers' film with regards to Film Noir. It's like the director had a list of all the A-Z of noir & silent films and put every cinematic trait into this movie.
If you didn't know anything about this movie & walked into a room that it was playing you would absolutely think you were watching an original old film.
The lead actor Jean Dujardin is fantastic and reminded me of a mix between Gene Kelly & a young De Niro. All the scenes starring him are wonderful.
Do you know I wasn't fussed AT ALL with the leading lady Bérénice Bejo.?  She just didn't do it for me. Even with the black and white & costuming etc I found all her scenes looked modern. I can't explain it.
This movie was a wonderful homage to the films of yester-year but I just felt something was lacking.
I'm not sure what though.


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