Monday, December 3, 2012

Ridin' Along on a Push Bike Honey When I noticed You.

Howdy dudes & dudettes.
Sorry I haven't posted for a bit. I've bit pretty boring to be honest.
I have been SUCH a good girl when it comes to food and exercise and have been following the program closely...........
until Friday................ EPIC FOOD FAIL...........
My brother & I were driving up the Toowoomba range in my fourbie when BANG my radiator blew the hell up. Literally. Thank goodness we were near a place where we could pull over!
Long story short. RACQ Tilt truck came pretty fast so we weren't forced to drink our own piss. We taxied it to Mummsy's. TBF & his Dad sourced a new radiator & drove all the way up from Da Cliff and those mechanical geniuses fixed it. Very stressful.
Why epic food fail?
Well Mummsy decided that we should get fish & chips for dinner. Did I say "No Thank You Mummy darling I will have my fish grilled and no chips for me"?
Nup. I had crumbed fish, chips, deep fried scallops AND prawns.
on the drive back home around 11pm we stopped at the BP and I got a large chocolate milk drink (what tha? I NEVER drink chocolate milk drinks!) and a large Hersheys chocolate & cookies bar.
we got almost all the way home (now around 1.30am) and TBF brings out a packet of Twisties of which I proceed to devour around 4 big handfuls.
What a dickhead.
In other news
On the weekend I decided to get the deadly treadly out of the shed and give her a clean up.
I washed the cockie and gecko poo off, pumped up her tyres & oiled her.
Yesterday arvo I took her for a roll down at the waterfront.
My bike is an Electra Red Betty and is made to cruise along the waterfront looking totally sick rad.
It is NOT made to go up big hills. It has 3 gears. Cruisy, Cruzin and Cool.
Getting TO the water is all fine and dandy. It was a bit hard going at first because I was going into the wind. I wore my heart rate monitor & it was showing a steady 140 bpm.
I was tearing along nicely managing to avoid the slow walking nattering elderly ladies, small screaming unsupervised children and the people who, no matter how much I dinged my retro bike bell, seemed not to hear me coming at all and seemed to deliberately stay walking 4 abreast along the shared walk-way. I restrained myself from yelling "Get out of the way Ya Bastards!!!"
I wore my super sexy Birkenstock sandals & the wind felt lovely whipping between my hobbit-like toes.

On the way back it was awesome. The wind was at my back and I was zooming along very nicely.
Until I got to THE HILL.
To get back home you have to go up this horrendous hill. Now, last time I rode my bike I couldn't get even a small amount up this mountain without having to get off and walk my pushie up it while gasping for precious oxygen. This time I managed to pedal about 1/2 way up before my legs and lungs gave out. (damn you 30 years of durries)
Puffing, I took a big swig of delicious water and then continued upwards like I was in the Tour De France. OMG. What a killer!
I finally made it home, bright red and totally puffed but feeling great. I had ridden for 35 minutes and felt like I had burnt about 5000 calories.
"Wowwee what a GREAT WORKOUT. My thighs are burning. I'm freakin' knackered! "
I checked my heart rate monitor for calories burnt.
I had ONLY burnt 289 calories! Dammit. So I went inside & did my Ab exercises.
It took HOURS for the redness to go down in my face.
Oh well. At least I exercised and didn't just plonk my lard arse down on the couch infront of the fan and watch re-runs of MASH.
Tomorrow's weigh in will be interesting.
Fingers crossed for a loss.
How did everyone else do this last week?

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