Monday, November 26, 2012

You're soaking in it

Now people I'm not really the sort of person who is affected by advertising. My brain usually zones out & starts daydreaming about Remix shoes or Hugh Jackman and I don't really pay attention.
I've only had two ads that have punched into my cerebral cortex and stopped me.
The first is the KFC ad when they bought out the KFC KRUSHERS. Now I hate KFC and the thought of eating it makes me gag BUT whoever is in their new food inventions department deserves a gold watch.  GODDAMM GOLDEN GAYTIME THICK SHAKE! Oh my freaking Lawd. AND the ad has people literally covered in this orgasmic cup of deliciousness. Mmmmm to be drenched in this..... sorry where was I?
Have I had one? No I have not. Why?
Because I know that it will be a life changing experience & like a crackie behind the dumpsters in a alley I will be hooked.

The second ad is for a private health care fund. I won't name them but the motto is:
"Find a Healthier You". Watching these ads immediately causes my bottom lip to quiver, tears to well up in my eyes and for me to clutch at my hubby's meaty bicep whimpering "sniff ... It's me...sniff... I can so relate... sniff. .. It's so sad.. look at them. looooooooook.....  sob".
In the ads people see or meet the newer healthier version of themselves while they are looking like total crap. They normally give their new self a big hug and they have tears in their eyes.

I guess I see alot of myself in these ads. I can't wait to meet the healthier and frankly bullshit slamming sexy hot version of myself.
If I was sitting in a cafe & the new version of myself walked in I would give her a hug & probably squeeze her arse while exclaiming in my worst Ghetto accent "Damn Gurl You Is Fyne!".
She would then probably answer " Get your chubby stubby dugong fingers off me woman and get out and go for a jog and stop bitchin about your dodgy knees!"
Does this ad make me want to take out private health insurance??..
No... no it doesn't.
Does this ad make me want to get off my arse & improve myself?
It sure does.

nice walking path at Redcliffe waterfront

In other news... Yesterday I went for a big powerwalk along the waterfront. I walked for 50 minutes.
It was lovely (except I wore my new fandangled magneticy knee brace thingy & it sliced into my flesh behind my knee like something Jigsaw would have used in the movie Saw... so I had to take it off). I still did the step-ups but instead of doing the Basketball jumps I did some lower half squats. I find that my knees are ok if I don't squat & then fully extend but do little quick reps.
I gotta tell you that walking really really makes my dodgy coccyx (giggle... that word) feel heaps better.
It must warm up the glutes and stretch it out. And trust me .. I got alot of glutes.
I'm nervous about weigh in tomorrow. I'll be devo'd if I've gained.
Fingers & toes crossed.

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