Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week One -

I'm in the wars people.  Vicki has her cranky pants on.
Let me explain. About a month ago I slipped arse up on our stupid slippery front porch & came slamming down on my arse on the top step. (see video above for re-inactment).
Now you would think that the multi-layers of lard would have prevented an injury kind of like an air bag in a car but noooooooooo.
I thought I had broken my hand and I jarred my back something chronic.
However, me being me I told myself to Harden the Fuck Up and stop my girly whining and get on with it. I'm such a dickhead.
One month later & the pain in my lower back has become unbelievable. On Thursday I had everything going. Nurofen O.Ding, rubbing a mixture of Deep Heat and Voltaren Gel, heat packs & finally the best invention in the whole universe.. the TENS machine.
Thankfully I was able to get an appointment with the Osteopath on Saturday.
After giving me the most excruitating massage ever she advised me that it was highly likely that I have fractured my coccyx (a word I never tire of saying). Massage & time are the cure.
I have bought myself one of those sexy donut cushions to sit on at work and have loaded myself up with Voltaren tablets.

But osteo lady has advised me not to run. FACE PALM. 
I was a good little 12wbter & got up at 5.30am on Saturday to do my SSS. I did the Outdoors one but at home in my lounge. I was totally kicking arse and sweating like a crazy. In my third round I was doing the lunges and trying not to wake up hubby with my unlady-like grunting when I felt something tear in my left crunchy knee. I almost went down like a sack of spuds.
I don't know WHAT the hell I have done. I can walk ok but it hurts alot when going down steps.
I'm pissed off because I was really looking forward to upping the anty with my exercise this round.

In positive news........... My first weigh in on Wednesday was great with a loss of 900g.
I have been a good girl and sticking to my food & exercise programme.
Saturday night I went to Dwight Yoakam at The Brisbane River Stage with the MIL and was proud of myself for avoiding the hot chips & hot chocolate drinks (omg they had flavours like Caramel Mars, Jaffa and Cherry Ripe hot chocolate!) I stuck to my skinny flat whites. It was a great night.
I will NOT be using my defective body as an excuse to stop exercising (like I would have in the past). I will persist but I will power walk instead of run. I'm not sure I can do instead of squats & lunges.
It just makes me bloody cranky.
Stoopid 40 year body.

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  1. Good on you Vicki!
    Did the v. Tablets help?
    Keep up the good work. M