Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I've Learned So Much from my Mistakes, I'm Thinking of making a few More.

Yesterday was weigh-in day. It was also the start of TTOM.
Mmmmm my favourite time of the month. NOT!
I turn into a bloated, snarling, tired, cranky monster with horrible girlie parts pain and lower back pain. I'm sure I have endometriosis but it costs 500 billion dollars to go and have the test done so I just pop Naprogesics like they are Skittles and scowl at everybody.

So anyway I get on the scales. 90.6kg. Seriously what the frick?
A gain of 2.6kg.
What, at this time of the month do my ovaries suddenly fill up with 2.6kg of fluid?!
I know I should have entered that weight into my 12wbt Stats yesterday but I didn't. I just couldn't BEAR to see my graph do such a dramatic spike up.
Yesterday, as the day went on the Terrible Sadness was hanging over my head like a wet stinky hoodie.
I know I know I know I SHOULD have gone for a big walk in the fresh air along the water to dust those yucky thoughts away BUT the pain in my prumpets (my name for my crappy swollen girlie bits) combined with my grey grey sadness and my frankly surley shitty attitude steered me instead to the safe confines of my house.
I could have just seen myself walking along and screaming "FUCK OFF!" to anyone who got in my way before collapsing into a pathetic sobbing heap on the footpath whimpering "Why do I bother why why why? I'll never be thin NEVER!!!!!!!!".
So I went home & cooked the Quorn & Haloumi Skewers with Pine Nut & Raison Quinoa (which was bullshit delicious), had a hot shower, took a Panadene Forte and was in bed by 7.30pm.
This morning I did my weigh in again. 89.1kg. Now THIS is more realistic. I normally gain about a kilo at TTOM. I entered THIS weight into this week's STATS.
I am feeling MUCH better today. I still have the yucky pain in my prumpies but my brain doesn't feel so mooshy.
Today I'm REALLY looking forward to doing my run/jog/walk/gasp thing and I am even going to try some stair runs. Yes STAIR runs.
I think I am going to have to get up early on Saturday morning to do my SSS as I have a busy weekend ahead... actually I have busy weekends for the next 3 weeks due to Christmas.
Saturday I have another Osteo appointment (oh yeah baby bring the pain!), Saturday night TBF & I are taking our neices (5 & 8) to see all the Christmas lights (OOOOOooo I LOVE Christmas lights!) then on Sunday I am going to a 12wbt Meet n Greet at Redcliffe. As usual, I am super nervous about meeting new people and hope I don't come across about being a boring dickhead looney.
And I have to do my food shopping, clothes washing & house cleaning.

The important thing is that yesterday I didn't use my Saddy McSadness as an excuse to go to Woolies and by a mega-packet of those Hilliers Mini White Chocolate Christmas Puddings.
The thought didn't even enter my mind.
Ok maybe it ENTERED my mind, sat down, nudged me in the ribs and tried to tempt me.


IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hallelulia sister (or however its spelt)
    Congrats congrats on your Xmas miracle, and bloody well done cos them little Woolies treats are the downfall of us all!!
    You are soo nailing it this time, and no matter what sister fate may throw at you and your girlie parts, you are still on track, and going to get where you want to be!! You have to, cos I need you to stay here and MOTIVATE MY FAT ASS!!!!!!!
    Seriously, Kudos on the not eating crap, and more on the meet and greet. The very thought of meeting strangers and discussing fatness and actually having to be nice and meeting new people and did I say being nice and sociable.........brings on one of me hot flushes!!!!
    Enjoy, and I promise a photo soon. Cos your such an inspiration and shit!!!
    C xx

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  3. I love your posts! I'm in the grumpy depths today and everything I have read here has made me smile, which is nothing short of a miracle. Thanks so much.