Thursday, December 6, 2012

And She's Buying a Stairway to Heaven

Yesterday I got stuck back into it.
I hit the waterfront and did my Wednesday cardio that I had missed.
Walk 5 minutes
15 minutes of walk 1 minute jog 1 1/2 minutes (yep I can now jog for an extra 30 seconds!)
Walk 10 minutes
stairs for 10 minutes.
Now, I would have thought that this would be too-easy-kampeezee as I work in a high-set house & walk up and down the stairs to the loo about a gazillion times a day.
I WAS able to jog up the first time but the rest of the time I just kinda power walked & grunted up & down. 50 steps up 50 steps down. Yes I counted them.
Stone the bloody crows! After about 5 minutes my quads were burning like the billy-os!
I managed to walk up & down the steps 8 times in 10 minutes.
That's 400 up & 400 down. It was a tough slog.

I then took over the kids playground to do my basket ball jumps (forward & back) and step ups.
Can I just say that I totally SUCK at jumping. I swear I can only jump about 2 cm off the ground.
I am very glad that I have cancelled my gym membership because doing my exercise on the water really does take the "this is total shit I hate exercising' atmosphere away and replaces it with a "this is total shit I hate exercising but how lovely is that breeze on my sweaty pits and how nice is the sparkly water this arvo oh look at that cute puppy"atomosphere.
I'm going to get up early tomorrow morning & do my SSS to get that bastard out of the way early mate.


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