Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I'm Dreaming of a Fraser Christmas.

3 days to go
3 days and TBF & I will be up at Fraser Island for 5 days.
No TV. No Computers. No Ringing Phones. No pain in the arse customers.
I will be taking up 2 (maybe 3) novels to read. I plan on reading shitloads, swimming in the champagne pools, the ocean & Ocean Lake, taking LONG walks along the beach & playing with my neice & nephew.
I am very very fortunate because TBF's family are really very very health conscious so the trip, food wise, is going to be very 12wbt friendly.  LOADS & LOADS & LOADS of watermelon, mangoes & cherries,  fish (hopefully freshly caught), prawns and salads. We aren't really taking up any packets of chips etc but are having organic crackers with homemade salsas.
Christmas lunch is going to be a huge big slab of salmon and prawns and fish with lots of salads and home-made pav for dessert with lots of fruit. I'm making a big jar of homemade hommus and have pre-prepared one of the dinners of prawn & seafood jambalya.
I have told TBF that I can't let my exercise fall by the way-side just because I am holidaying at one of the most tranquil beautiful places in the cosmos.
My plan is to do the 12wbt Toning (at home) program everyday & going for really really long walks along the beautiful beaches.
I don't drink anymore so I will be on soda water with lime , normal water or Diet Creamy Soda.
Due to my lilly white albino-like skin I will NOT be donning a bikini.
I have my sexy high necked rashi that is reminiscent of a 1920s swimsuit, covered with a long sleeved white men's shirt with my massively wide brimmed hat, Factor 50+ invisible zinc, Factor 30+ water/sweat proof sunscreen and uber-sexy board shorts.

Today was weigh-in day. Gain of 500g. This is due to a number of reasons (excuses)
This past week has been CRAY-CRAY.
Between Christmas Shopping, Fraser food shopping, Family BBQs, Christenings, The Incredible Shitful Heat, the fact that at ovulation time of the month my ovaries swell up like rotton grapefruit, buying shorts, returning shorts, buying more shorts & returning shorts again (this is a whole other blog post about bullshit sizings), stress about my Dad, packing for Fraser and...............
well you get the idea.
No exercise. Not following the eating plan. Not over-eating but just not watching what I eat.
Yesterday I felt a big blender head day coming on and I felt like I was going to have a panic attack.
Just way too much going on in my grey spongy brain and it was overloading.
I just had to race home and take some deep calming breaths & STOP.
Today I bought the tickets to the GRAND FINALE PARTY.
Putcha ands in da ayre!
Do you know there is a part of me that feels like I don't deserve to go?
In the past 5 weeks I've only been commited I reckon about 50%.
This makes me feel like a bit of a fraud.
Mind you we still have 6 weeks to go so I still have time to redeem myself I suppose.
I'm also, as usual, anxious about not knowing anyone at the party and TBF & I standing in the corner on the night like dorks.
Anyway, I cannot WAIT for this week to be over.
Calm Blue Ocean. Calm Blue Ocean. Calm Blue Ocean.

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