Friday, December 14, 2012

3. Raging Bull (1980)

I am a HUGE fan of boxing films. I don't quite know why that is. I have vague recollections of standing outside the boxing tent at the Oakey and Toowoomba shows and loving the sight of the big burly men lined up outside, the smell of sweat and saw dust and the raucous blood thirsty bellowing of the crowd.

So I pressed Play already excited about seeing another round of boxing glory.
Firstly, I'm a dickhead.
I did not know that this movie was A. In black and white & B. prodominatantley set in the 1940s. BONUS!
What can I say? This movie is amazing.
From the musical score to the simply stunning visuals to the fucking incredible 'acting' (I use the term acting loosly because at times you really do feel like you are watching a documentary the acting is so incredible) this film is faultless.

Be warned it is also shudderingly violent.. and that's not even in the boxing ring.
Joe Pesci is terrifying and well Robert De Niro is incredible.  It must have taken AGES to film simply because of the incredible body transformations Jake La Motta goes through. Buff to fat to buff to fat.
And how AWFUL is Jake? What a scum-bag arsehole! A complete psychopath. Scary as.
One of the most despicable 'characters' you will meet.
Cathy Moriaty is just wonderful as Jake's beautiful suffering wife. (yes I couldn't stop looking at her outfits & hair).

Finally, the fight scenes. HOLY SHIT. jaw hits the ground. I need to watch 'the making of' because I cannot see how these scenes could have been faked. Those punches (seem to be) actually connecting and pounding. Especially Jake's final fight scene with Sugar Ray Robinson.
If you love boxing films like me you MUST see this movie.
If you love noir films. You MUST see this movie.
 If you simply love movies that are completely faultless with scarily 'real' acting.

You have to watch this.
5 out of 5 stars.

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