Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CURVE: The loveliest Distance between Two Points - Mae West

Well Well Well week FOUR already!
Fitness test & measuring mayhem.
Yesterday I took myself down to the water to do my 1km run.  It was a blustery windy day my friends. I took off on the run (jog) with Queens of the Stone Age and Pearl Jam blaring in my ears.
I just focused on the ground infront of me, as I've found that if I look up & ahead it's like I'm headed for the Min-Min light and it seems MILES away. I'm sure the people I passed must have thought I was a bit mental because the grim look of determination on my face combined with my grunting & puffing was reminisant of a bull-dog eating a piece of wet lettuce.
One hundred metres to go and I couldn't believe that not only was I STILL jogging but I wasn't sobbing or cursing the exercise gods. I crossed the mark at hit the stopwatch.

That's an improvement of a whole 30 seconds!!!!! Awesome!
Then I did my wall sit against the dunnies at Pelican Park where people must have thought I was some sort of whacked out pervy drug dealer as I stared out at the bay with a steely look on my dial while quietly moaning into the salty winds.
This is an improvment of 27 seconds. Oh yeah!
I waited until I got home before doing my push-ups as I had the feeling that people were eyeing me suspiciously. With my bright red flushed face, wild look in my eyes and crazy wind-swept hair I looked quite a sight!  Definately NOT my usual glamour look. LOL
I managed to do four more pushups than last time! 
Then this morning I stood on the scales starkers and looked down and smiled. 88kg.
I'm no Kate Moss or Scarlett yet but the graph is going down again which is good news.
Out came the trusty tape measure and I am happy to report that I have lost a total of 6cm off my body. For some reason my left thigh is two cm bigger. Weird Side Show Freak woman.
I've lost 3cm of my bazoongas which is super rad because that means I am getting ever closer to the ultimate goal of fitting into my rayon blouses without the buttons bursting open like Superman's shirt.
The Big Fella however, is NOT as happy with this.
All in all I am pretty happy with my Week Four results.

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  1. excuse me lady, but 8.85kms an hour is no jog! great results!
    way to go you.