Thursday, December 20, 2012

All I want is Peace on Earth & Cute Shoes.

Well kittens this is my last post for a while as we head off to the tropical paradise of Fraser Island tomorrow morning for 5 days of relaxation. Shit yeah! *fist pumps the air like a dickhead*
I'll be sure to do a blog report when I get back on the 27th about how I walked 30 kilometres every day, only snacked on lychees and did 500 sit up crunches on the beach at every sunset.

I hope everybody has a super rad grouse Christmas & it's not too stressful. It's a good to to reflect on what you are thankful & grateful for.
I'm grateful for the internet for providing me with lots of entertainment (I could watch 2 Hampsters One Wheel over & over).
I'm grateful for my hubby for being a very patient & understanding human wookie.
I'm grateful that I have lots of super cool horn-bag friends who put up with my constant posts on Facebook of sarcastic someecards saying how much I hate people.
I am grateful for my family even though they are all a bunch of looney-tunes.
 I am grateful that there are people in the world who own pugs & dress them up in outfits & post them on the internet for our amusement.
I am grateful for Tarder Sauce the Grumpy Cat... just because he is so awesome.

I'm sure I will think of more things later on.

Remember to drink lots of water and slip slop slap.
Be Safe everybody.
And when temptation comes a calling just ask yourself



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