Sunday, November 11, 2012

This is my United States of Whatever

I've cracked the sads.
Today I've got a case of the wonky donkey brain.
I'm down.
No reason.
Sometimes my brain turns to mushed up potato salad and says "Whatever. I'm over it. I'll be over here in the booth in the back corner if you want me".
I just cannot wait for work to be over so I can get back to Da Cliff and go for a noice big walk along the stinky waterfront and blow the cobwebs out.
Then get home & tear that bra off (bliss), have a searing hot shower, cook some lentil loaf and go to bed.
I'm just over it.
Over everything.
My earrings thing.
My weight.
My crappy feet.
That I can't watch Dexter Season 7 yet.
My hair is shit.
My gut is big.
My heels are cracked.
Why can't I just lose 20kgs in one week.
Shit. Bum. Shit. Pout. Feet Stamp.

I did my stand at the markets. Lots of lookers but no buyers. Sigh.
I made enough to cover the cost of stand & to buy a large skinny flat white & a slice of gluten free orange cake. It was nice to get out of the house & people watch though. Even if those people were all hipsters & weird pirate hippies. I won't do those markets again.

Only 1 1/2 hours to go til I'm finished work today.
Lawd give me strength.


  1. Come on Vicki, put on your smiley face and hit the exercise trail, the endorphins will put the world to rights again.


  2. Oh luvvy- chin up and keep on going. Monday's suck shit when you don't win lotto. And my heels are cracked like a rhino's arse. So there;)

  3. well you look bloody hot at your earring stall at least - just sayin'! Although I get your low mojo at the mo ... that is me right now too. Lost the effort to blog, but you can still do that so in the race of life you are ahead of me :D

  4. Why cant you watch Dexter S07 yet?? I gotta tell you - its the BEST SEASON YET!!!! OMG !!!!

  5. Thanks guys. I'm cool now. Being Bipolar is ace sometimes! (insert sarcastic font).
    foxspaws: at least you don't have an ARSE like a rhino's arse!
    Beck: I don't have Foxtel so I have to wait until it comes on povo tv or wait for DVD. TELL ME NOTHING!!!!!