Thursday, November 8, 2012

He fashioned an enormous diaper out of poison ivy. Wore it on his head like a tiara. Called himself "King Itchy".

Firstly, can I just say that I am mega mega excited to hear that the 12wbt FINALE cocktail party is going to be held here in Brissy. This has just added to my motivation to peel layers of gooey fat from my body.
I want to go to the cocktail party with my vomit inducing BEFORE pictures and nod at people and say "Yep Yep I know. Hard to believe but that woman who looks like a dugong with pincurls was me. Yes I do look AMAZING now. So svelte. Like a Sunrise."
I look forward to sitting down with Mish (my BFF) over a mocktail or two and comparing notes on protein snacks & heart rate moniters. I'm sure she'll set aside time for me.
I'm also looking forward to meeting other 12wbt cult members. They are bull-shit amazing.
I've already picked out the cocktail frock I want to wear.
Think figure hugging Joan Holloway Man Men-ish fwarrr saucy minx stuff.

This week I cancelled my gym membership. I'm glad I did. I took the four-legged kids for a big walk along the waterfront. I have two staffies. One hyperactive cross red cattle (called Sabi) and one lazy black blob cross kelpie (called Bovver). We have these special harnesses for them because they are really strong.
They LOVE going for a walk and sniffing & pissing on everything.
We walked for one hour and it would have been really lovely except the smell from the water was like rotting possum and the beach was covered in fetitid seaweed and manky dead jelly-fish.
The dogs were in heaven. I concentrated on breathing through my mouth.
Other than that it was great.
I forgot to wear my heart-rate monitor so I'm not sure how many calories I burnt. 

Yesterday, as part of my new outdoor/home workout plan I did the Tight Toned & Terrific DVD.
STONE THE BLOODY CROWS! What a work-out! The sweat was pouring off me! Harvey the Evil Pookah cat was NOT amused by my dancing around the loungeroom disturbing his post nap snooze.
Once again I forgot to wear my heart-rate monitor so I don't know how many thousand calories I burnt. It seemed like ALOT.
This weekend I am having a stand at the West End Twilight Markets . I make & sell fabulous florally vintage style earrings. Lucious Lobes for Lovely Ladies.
If you would like to buy my awesome earrings just go and LIKE the Facebook page & have a gander.
ANYWAY.... Around this time last year I had a stand at the markets & it was brilliant so I decided to do it again. Last time, however, we spent all the profits on food. You see, at these markets are food vendors. Not JUST any ole food vendors. Food vendors that cook & sell UNBELIEVABLY yummy food. SO everytime we sold some earrings we went to a different stand & bought food.
I ate my body weight in Organic Vegan food, Gluten free cupcakes, Organic Coffee, Honey Puffs and masses of Halloumi.
Organic = Low Fat RIGHT?????
I really MUST try to restrain myself this time.
Have a great weekend everybody!!
Be Safe.

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