Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You can tell alot about a person from their biography

Last night I did my first SPIN .... sorry... TOP RIDE class in about 6 months.
I was very nervous.
The instructor lady came in & exclaimed 'VICKI!! YOU'RE BACK AGAIN!!"
"-es" I mumbled as I tried to shrink into the corner.
"We'll just have to work you EXTRA hard then won't we!!!"
"sigh" I sighed.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will remember (I'll call her A) her from previous entries. I believe that A is part of a scientific experiment kind of like X-Men. A may be a cyborg.
She is super duper mega ultra fit as. And attractive. And really nice...... bitch.
I actually didn't do too badly in the class. I only felt like I was really going to die 3 times in the 45 minute class and only felt like vomiting once half way through song #2 (mental note DO NOT drink one of those chocolate protein up & go drinks 5 minutes before a spin class).
At the end of the class with the blessed relief of the cool-down & stretch I felt...
I will be back next week. It feels good to be back into some full-on cardio.
Oh I also burnt
If you still look good at the end of your workout - you haven't worked hard enough.
Nice dishevelled hair
Tonight I am going to attempt to do A's other class.. U-Bounce.
I'm going to have to steal some heavy duty gaffa tape from work to strap The Girls down for that one.


  1. Oh, I'm hearing you with the post-bike-front-bottom soreness... and I even have a gel padded bike seat!

  2. Hope you dont mind but I "borrowed " your vag ecard for my blog cos them bike classes are seriously bad for your health!!! Well done on going back and burning half a rainforest worth of carbon related calorific somethings.
    You rock!!