Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Success is 1% Inspiration 98% Perspiration and 2 % Attention to Detail

89.7 KILOS
Shit. Bum. Poo. Arse. Balls. Stink. Frik. Fudge.
Back to the beginning I go.
What a bum ache.

Last night I was all gung-ho about getting back into the gym. I printed out my Week 9 exercise plan.
I printed out my gym program. I highlighted with my fancy Artline 660 the classes I would be attending.
"RIGHT VICKI" I scolded myself "Pull your finger out of your flabby lard arse and get back into it. Good eating. Exercise until you are sweating and cursing your mother's name. Say NO to sugar."

Then I get a phone call on the way home. It is my super duper gorgeous nephew's 2nd birthday & the fam is gathering to celebrate the little dude.
No gym AGAIN. My planned healthy dinner out the window. I also didn't get a chance to prepare my lunch for today (so I had Carmen's Muesli with banana).
I must admit I had my cranky elastic waisted pants on big time. My hideous Millers size 18 pants. FML.

Dammit. Sometime life just seems to get in the way.
Mind you, it was worth it as I was sitting eating a slice of his chocolate birthday cake watching the little tacker dancing to Gangham Style. Cuteness overload.


Today I AM going to the gym.

I am going to do the 5.30pm SPIN class.

 I WILL feel like I am going to DIE.

I may cry like a baby.

89.7 KILOS


PS: THANK YOU SO MUCH for your comments. They truely do help me heaps & heaps.


  1. Oh luvvy, dont fret,
    I left a message yesterday, but it doesnt show up - and it was full of wit and wisdom (not). Here's my today - 84.4 kg, back up to weeks and weeks ago, and no gym for 3 weeks. Excuses much???? And no blog. Well, I made it and didnt write anything, so no bloggish wisdom at all. Can't be arsed either, but shall. ANd happy birthday too - that was in yesterday's vanishing comment ;/

  2. You inspired me....
    (Sorry have no idea how to do a linky thingo.)

  3. I recently discovered booty camp. I know it's another bit of money that's not really affordable (I'm not doing 12wbt this round so I spent the money on booty camp instead and I'm just following last rounds plans) but because it's basically like paying for 12 classes in advance you're kind of forced to go out of stingyness. Might be an idea. I think you get a discount if you sign up with a friend. I've got a discount for being on my second round already but if you want my full name and the location I'm at (in case you need that too) give me a shout and I'll let you know. Good luck with the gym!

  4. Also, happy birthday! x

  5. Eils - Good luck with the booty camp. Thanks for the offer but I think I'll stick to my gym :)

    Foxy- Woohooo I'm totes heading to your blog now & adding it to favourites. I got my eye on you Flint Lockwood!