Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Yesterday I had ONE of these. Do NOT be fooled.
Once you eat just ONE of these your brain will implode with the ectasy of the deliciousness of it.
If you buy a whole pack with the thought "I'll just have ONE" you are a fool.
Since yesterday I cannot stop thinking about going to Woolies & buying a packet, sitting in the carpark of the gym & scoffing as many of these into my mouth at once as I can ala Augustus Gloop in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

These amazing treats add a whole new level to the word delicious.

If you look up "delicious" in the thesaurus you see
adorable, ambrosial, appetizing, choice, dainty, darling, delectable, delightful, delish, distinctive, divine, enjoyable, enticing, exquisite, fit for king, good, gratifying, heavenly, luscious, lush, mellow, mouthwatering, nectarous, nice, palatable, piquant, pleasant, rare, rich, sapid, savory, scrumptious, spicy, sweet, tasteful, tasty, tempting, titillating, toothsome, well-prepared, well-seasoned, yummy*

They should also include a picture of this product.

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